July 29, 2011

“V-ROCK FESTIVAL ’11” is making its comeback in fall 2011!!

With a brilliant artist lineup of more than 50 artist units including Marilyn Manson and the GazettE, V-ROCK FESTIVAL attracted a total audience of 29,000 back in 2009. “V-ROCK FESTIVAL ’09,” the biggest visual rock festival in history, is now back this year as “V-ROCK FESTIVAL ’11.” This year, the venue will be changed to Saitama Super Arena with a grand lineup of Gackt’s new band “YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz,” MUCC, SOPHIA (to be revived at Budokan... Read More

July 29, 2011

MEG’s cover of “ONE PIECE” OP theme available only in France

MEG has been releasing a series of songs exclusively available in French iTunes Store for 6 consecutive months and the 3rd of the series ‘BELIEVE’ will be released on 8/30. MEG recently released the cover of ‘Ma Melissa,’ a song loved by everyone in France, on 7/25. The upcoming release is the cover of ‘BELIEVE’ by Folder5, the opening theme song of “ONE PIECE(an anime aired from 2000 to 2002).” MEG will continue to serve as an... Read More

July 29, 2011

2nd J Soul Brothers VS 3rdJ Soul Brothers ~EXILE TRIBE~

2nd J Soul Brothers & 3rd J Soul Brothers will be performed as “EXILE TRIBE” at Saitama Super Arena During July 30th to August 7th. ★July 30th(Sat) Open 17:00/Start 18:00 ★July 31st(Sun)Open 16:00/Start 17:00 ★Aug 1st(Mon)Open 18:00/Start 19:00 ★Aug 2nd(Tues)Open 18:00/Start 19:00 ☆Aug 4th(Thus)Open 18:00/Start19:00 ☆Aug 5th (Fri)Open 18:00/Start 19:00 ☆Aug 6th(Sat) Open 17:00/Start 18:00 ☆Aug 7th(Sun)Open 16:00/Start 17:00 Ofiicial Site : http://jsoulb.jp/index.html  Read More

July 29, 2011

DIR EN GREY ‘s regular program for Niko-Niko Doga

DIR EN GREY decided to start their monthly regular program “DIR EN GREY×Boo CHANNEL” for Niko-Niko Doga, internet live broadcasting station.. From August 2nd (Tue), 20:00(JST), this program will be started. They will talk about their new album 『DUM SPIRO SPERO』 through live broadcasting. Niko-Niko Live Broadcasting DIR EN GREY Regular Program “DIR EN GREY×Boo CHANNEL” August 2nd (Tue) 20:00~(JST) : DIR EN GREY (Die) , Boo (MC) http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv57921522 “TOUR2011... Read More

July 29, 2011

Shonen Knife ‘Free Time’ 30th Anniversary European Tour

The all-female trio Shonen Knife will start their ‘Free Time’ 30th Anniversary European Tour from August 11th., United Kingdom. 8/13 Deaf Institute , Manchester – United Kingdom 8/14 The Cluny , Newcastle – United Kingdom 8/15 Sneaky Pete’s , Edinburgh – United Kingdom 8/16 Nice’n’Sleazy, Glasgow – United Kingdom 8/17 Black Box, Belfast – Ireland 8/18 Roisin Dubh ,Galway – Ireland 8/19 Whelans , Dublin –... Read More

July 29, 2011

HITT special TOUR 2011 : Russia/ Ukraine/ Belarus

HITT will be performed @ all over Europe throght his “HITT specisl TOUR 2011”, and European Tour 2011. HITT overwhelmingly performs a solitary rock entertainment show, whose makes a deep impression on the audience with his unique outfits and flamboyant performance. 8/8 Night Club LONDON , Tula – Russia 8/10 Palace of the Republic , Minsk – Belarus 8/11 Bingo Entertainment , Kiev – Ukraine 8/14 SHUM , St.Petersburg – Russia 8/15 Sunrise , Tver –... Read More

July 29, 2011

Nega European Tour 2011

NEGA ,debuted in 2006 and was one of the most experimental visual bands in the scene at their time, will performed in Germany, France and Netherlands through their European tour 2011. 9/16 K17,Berlin – Germany 9/17 The Werkstatt, Cologne – Germany 9/18 Le Divan du Monde ,Paris – France 9/20 Tivoli – De Helling ,Utrecht – Netherlands Nega – official site http://www.ne-ga.com Related posts:NEGA Read More

July 28, 2011

GACKT’s band YFC puts their live in Germany on Nico Nico Live Streaming

YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz led by GACKT has recently held the very first live of their [WORLD TOUR “SHOW UR SOUL.I] at Bataclan, a live house located in Paris, France on 7/20 (7/21 JST). With this tour being the very first stage with new members, they will tour around 13 cities in 9 countries including Germany and the UK, expecting to attract a total audience of 20,000. This Paris live brought together not only French fans, but also fans from other European countries like Italy,... Read More

July 28, 2011

YOSHIKI becomes a character in “Blood Red Dragon”

On 7/21(Thurs, PST), a press conference was held at “Comic-Con International” to present “Blood Red Dragon,’ an American comics in which YOSHIKI is featured as a character. YOSHIKI and Stan Lee (of Marvel Comics who created Spider-Man, X-MEN, Hulk, Iron Man, etc.) accompanied by Todd McFarlane (the illustrator of Batman, Amazing Spider-Man, etc). 300 journalists from around the world, hundreds of movie affiliates and about 2000 fans came out to make the... Read More

July 27, 2011

B’z attracted 200,000 viewings on Ustream for North American Tour Final Live

Breaking the 8-year break, B’z North American Tour “B’z LIVE-GYM 2011 -long time no see-” finally came around in Vancouver on 7/20 and in San Francisco on 7/22, then its final live was held in Los Angeles on 7/24. All of these 3 shows were completely sold out and fans from all over the US and Canada, joined by the fans who came out from Japan, filled the venues with their passion and excitement. The Los Angeles live was held at Club Nokia, the state-of-the-art... Read More