December 30, 2011

Hemenway / First New Single Release for Year 2012

Marking 2011 with their major debut with “Listen” on 11/02/2011, Hemenway is welcoming you into the new year of 2012 with a new single “By My Side,” to be released on 1/25/2012. The title song is an uplifting pop number that has been chosen as the ending theme song for a TV Tokyo anime “NARUTO -Shippuden-” starting on 1/5/2012. Members were excited about having their song selected for the anime, and especially Isaac, the vocalist, expressed... Read More

December 29, 2011

DIR EN GREY / Last Live of the Year in LA

With the final live at “House of Blues” on Sunset Strip in Hollywood on 12/23/2011, the curtains drew for DIR EN GREY’s North/Mid American tour. DIR EN GREY’s “TOUR 2011 AGE QUOD AGIS” started on 11/23 in Santiago, Chile, then moved on around 18 locations in 7 countries in total. From the southern hemisphere in scorching summer to the northern hemisphere in fierce winter, and from east coast to west coast, they sure went across the American... Read More

December 28, 2011

Namy / New Release “Climax Tone” Pumping Up Club Scenes Around the World

In the center of attention of Tokyo club scenes, Namy recently released a new album “Climax Tone” on 12/21, attracting even more attention than ever. He has released 7 independent original albums in 3 years and been super active in lives, DJ stages and club scenes. This new album will also be released through NY’s prominent house lable “KINGSTREET SOUNDS” to expand his territory to US. He’s also active in European DJ scenes for radio and clubs... Read More

December 27, 2011

Crystal Kay / New Worldwide Digital Release

Crystal Kay’s new single “Superman” was digitally released in Europe on 12/14. Digital download of “Superman” also began in U.S., Canada and Mexico from 12/20. Download of this single will be available on various music sites other than iTunes Store as well. Official Website: Facebook: Twitter:!/CKAY26 Blog: Related posts:Crystal Kay / World Debut... Read More

December 26, 2011

Kuroyume / First Asia Tour in 21 Years

Kuroyume, a Japanese rock band, is holding their first Asia tour “THE ASIA SHOWCASE Vol.1” in 21 years since their debut. They are planning to first hold small-scale ‘experimental’ lives in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taiwan, thus making it a fierce competition to get tickets. Asia Tour schedule is as follows: 3/22/2012 Hong Kong / The Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre 3/25/2012 Shanghai, China / MAO Livehouse 3/30/2012 Taiwan / Legacy Taipei Official... Read More

December 23, 2011

J-ROCK EXPLOSION / “Karei naru Gekijou-Splendid Violent Emotion-“

A brand new event will open up a brand new chapter in 2012!! Starting from February 2012, “Karei naru Gekijou-Splendid Violent Emotion-” will present a new series of live events where new and powerful neo-visual bands are introduced. The very first of the series will be unveiled on 2/3 at Shinjuku LOFT. This event will showcase new and powerful bands with intense sounds and splendid stage performances that will most definitely mesmerize the entire audience. The very... Read More

December 22, 2011

Sony Music’s Live Tour to Connect Asian Cities Through Music

Sony Music Entertainment will host an event tour “ASIA MUSIC CONNECTION 2012″ next spring in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Tokyo. This is the first time for this live tour with the theme of “Asian Triangle” to take place in these 3 cities with their respectively hottest artists. Event Information: “ASIA MUSIC CONNECTION 2012″ Hosted by Sony Music Entertainment(Japan) Inc. ■Taiwan Live 3/9/2012(Fri) Venue: TICC (Taipei International Convention Center) Artist... Read More

December 21, 2011

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu / ‘Kawaii!!’ Calls in LA Live

With her new digital single ‘Tsukema Tsukeru’ released in 73 countries ranking #1 on iTunes electronic chart in Finland and #4 in Belgium, Kyarypamyupamyu held her very first live in Los Angeles on 12/9(local time). With ‘Kyary no March’ playing in the background, joyful shouts filled the venue as Kyarypamyupamyu came on stage in ‘PONPONPON’ outfit along with dancers in lion masks. The audience didn’t wait much longer to raise their... Read More

December 20, 2011

UVERworld / Live Screening of Xmas Live @Budokan for Taiwan & Hong Kong

Xmas live “UVERworld 2011 Premium LIVE on Xmas” by UVERworld at Nippon Budokan to be held on 12/25 will be available for real-time screening at theaters in Taiwan and Hong Kong. UVERworld, a prominent Japanese rock band, has been getting much attention lately from their overseas fans especially with their releases in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Thus, the live screening has been decided for the audience in these two locations. Official Website: Twitter:!/UVERworld_dR2 Related... Read More

December 19, 2011

Saori Yuki / Successful Collaboration Live with Pink Martini at NY Town Hall

With her album “1969” making a huge hit, Saori Yuki had a successful live at NY Town Hall on 12/13/2011. The audience in awe responded with shouts of joy to her beautiful voice and certainly seemed to have enjoyed the live to the max. This collaboration live with Pink Martini was held for the second night at NY Town Hall on 12/14/2011 and also for two nights in Boston (12/16&17). Then on 12/20, their collaboration live will take place in Portland, the hometown of Pink... Read More