March 30, 2012

Hemenway / New Single Release & “JAPAN EXPO 2012”!

Counting down for details of Hemenway’s new single “Escape”? This news sure will bring the biggest smiles to you all! The release date for “Escape” is finally set for 5/23/2012 and this single will be available in two different editions. Check the release information below for more details. If you haven’t had a chance yet, make sure to check out the sampling version of the title song ‘Escape,’ the opening theme for “EUREKA SEVEN AO,” now... Read More

March 30, 2012

“Karei naru Gekijou-Splendid Violent Emotion-” by DANGER CRUE / Voting Battle of the Bands!

Presented by DANGER CRUE, “Karei naru Gekijou-Splendid Violent Emotion-” is a series of live events where new upcoming neo-visual bands with powerful sounds and staging are showcased. In preparation for the second event of the series scheduled for 4/13(Fri), a new approach of “Voting Battle of the Bands” was announced as a new band “DIV” joined the artist lineup. This is an experimental voting system for the fans in which the results will decide... Read More

March 29, 2012

TOKYO KARANKORON / PV Preview of 2nd Single!

TOKYO KARANKORON, one of the attention-deserving bands of year 2012, are releasing their 2nd single “x Game (read ‘Batsu Game’)” on 4/18/2012. Prior to their official release, the PV clip is now available on their official YouTube channel. This PV was produced by a new talented creator “WAKAME” in a fascinating style. 2nd Single “x Game” (DLCR-12041) Release on 4/18/2012 Price: 1000 yen (tax-in) 1.× Game(title song) 2.true!true!true! Official... Read More

March 28, 2012

Perfume / Change of Label for Overseas Release in 50 Countries

With their new music label “Universal J,” Perfume is releasing their first single of the year “Spring of Life” this spring. Perfume are considering overseas activities for year 2012. As the first step, tracks from their recent album “JPN” have been made available on iTunes in 50 countries upon simultaneous release on 3/6/2012. In order to handle massive amount of access from overseas, Perfume’s official global website is now open, along... Read More

March 27, 2012

Versailles / Successful World Tour

The grand final stage of Versailles’ world tour “Versailles World Tour 2011-Holy Grail” successfully drew the curtains down for their world tour at Shibuya Public Hall. Starting off the tour on 7/17/2011 at Shibuya C.C Lemon Hall, Versailles went around Japan first, then out to the world, covering 17 countries with 18 lives as they attracted a total audience of 40,000. It was the very first time for a visual band to host a tour covering 7 different countries... Read More

March 26, 2012

MISIA to perform at the opening ceremony of National Cherry Blossom Festival as Cool Japan Messenger

Nominated by the Government of Japan, Japanese recording artist MISIA has been invited to the ceremony to perform a live concert on March 25th (for Washington D.C.’s National Cherry Blossom Festival) to send Japan’s appreciation for the support the nation has received for the recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake. This year is a remarkable celebration year, marking the 100th anniversary of Japan’s gift of cherry blossom trees to the United States. In commemoration... Read More

March 26, 2012


IRUMA RIOKA will participate in “ANIME CENTRAL,” a convention in Chicago, USA to be held in late April. During the convention period of 4/27 to 4/29, IRUMA RIOKA make 2 appearances as a panelist and present a live performance. Anime Central Website (Top Page) (Guest Page) IRUMA RIOKA Profile: Singer and song writer. She wears her hair long, so she often called “Rapunzel” in the... Read More

March 23, 2012

LUNA SEA / New Single Release in 12 Years & 1-Time-Only Live Broadcasting Online

LUNA SEA recently released a new single “THE ONE -crash to create-” on 3/21. It has been 12 years since their last release of “LOVE SONG” in 2000. This brand new single is a 22-minute long masterpiece that reflects the second chapter of LUNA SEA’s history in their official “reboot.” Scenes from the premium presentation on 3/8 at United Toyosu in Tokyo were broadcasted live on USTREAM and Nico Nico Douga. This 1-time-only live broadcasting was shared by many fans... Read More

March 22, 2012

Buono! / Live at Moulin Rouge Attracted Audience of 1000

Buono! held their very first overseas solo live at Moulin Rouge in Paris, France. Tickets for this live were sold out immediately and on the day of the live, many fans from not only within France, but from neighboring countries in total of about 1000 came out to watch the live. In June, Momoko Tsugunaga and Natsuyaki Miyabi, as members of Berryz Kobo, will participate in “AnimeNEXT 2012,” an Asian culture event in New Jersey, USA that introduces Japanese pop culture... Read More

March 21, 2012

Hip Hop Trio HOME MADE KAZOKU will digitally release their 6th original full album “AKATSUKI”, including single “FREEDOM” (ending theme for NARUTO Shippuden)!

HOME MADE KAZOKU made their U.S. debut in the summer of 2010 at OTAKON, gathering 5,000 fans from all across the country. Following year in 2011, the group made their Asia debut in Taiwan and released new album “AKATSUKI”. AKATSUKI (meaning dawn in English) features a rich variety of 12 songs from Hip Hop, Latin, to Electro, including singles “Nukumori” (featuring model Yukina Kinoshita in the music video) and “FREEDOM” (ending theme for NARUTO Shippuden). On October... Read More