August 31, 2012

SID / First Live in Taiwan!

SID announced their very first live in Taiwan [TOUR 2012 “M&W” extra]. This Taiwan live will take place at ATT Show Box on 11/17/2012, after SID’s domestic tour [TOUR 2012 “M&W”] starting in September. Live Information: [TOUR 2012″M&W” extra] Date: 11/17/2012(Sat) Venue: ATT Show Box / Taiwan Official Website: Blog: mao shinji yuya... Read More

August 30, 2012


“ANIMAX MUSIX 2012 supported by Sky PerfecTV” by Animax Broadcast Japan Inc(the host company of a anime specialty channel “ANIMAX”) will be hosted overseas for the very first time as “ANIMAX MUSIX 2012 TAIWAN” at Taipei ATT SHOW BOX. This anime music festival will feature dream-come-true lineup and collaboration of various artists and will most definitely mesmerize the audience of Taiwan just the way it always has in Japan! Event Information: “ANIMAX MUSIX 2012... Read More

August 29, 2012

AKB48 / Awarded “Asia’s Most Popular Group” in Beijing

One of the most popular idol groups of Asia, AKB48, was awarded as Asia’s Most Popular Group at “11th CCTV-MTV Music Award” held on 8/21/2012 at MasterCard Center in Beijing, China. This is the best of the best awards a non-Chinese Asian artist/group can receive. CCTV boasts the highest number of viewers in the whole world and AKB participated for the opening act in the composition of 16 young members, mostly of the trainees. The audience of 10,000 was extremely excited... Read More

August 28, 2012

Saori Yuki / Outdoor Concert at the Oregon Zoo in Portland, USA

On 8/18 & 8/19/2012, Saori Yuki performed on a special stage at the Oregon Zoo in Portland, USA for Pink Martini’s outdoor concert. This is a new collaboration ever since her participation in Pink Martini’s nationwide tour in 12/2011 which featured 6 lives in 4 cities (Washington D.C., New York, Boston and Portland). With the previously released album “1969,” many more listeners now responded in enthusiasm to her performance at this special concert. Official Website:... Read More

August 27, 2012

Tsuji Shion / Participation in Live Event in Shenzhen, China!

Tsuji Shion performed her very first overseas live at “Asia All Stars Concert (中日韩港台亞洲群星深圳演唱會)” held on 8/19/2012(Sun) at Shenzhen Bay Sports Center in Shenzhen, China. Many artists from Japan, China, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan participated in this event which attracted a total audience of approximately 10,000 people. Official Website: Twitter: Blog: Related posts:ShionTsuji Read More

August 24, 2012

CROSSFAITH / First Europe Tour & Participation in Overseas Festival

CROSSFAITH will go on their very first Europe tour and second UK tour. As their last tour in UK during April and May this year was extremely successful, CROSSFAITH signed a contract with an overseas management and will participate in “VANS WARPED TOUR UK” in November as the very first Asian band to participate in this festival. They sure have expanded their horizon and will now attract more attention from Europe for their powerful performance. CROSSFAITH’s UK tour will... Read More

August 23, 2012

‘Vegetarhythm’ Going Global on iTunes!

In unique rhythms with a dynamic dance by Vegekko Dancers (also kyaripamyupamyu’s back dancers), the talk-of-the-town song ‘Vegetarhythm’ is making its global debut via iTunes Store on 8/28/2012(Tues). Download will be available around world including North America and Europe. The video clip of ‘Vegetarhythm’ on YouTube was viewed more than 550,000 times within the first 10 days of its upload (more than 1.7 million views now). Viewers around the world are leaving comments... Read More

August 22, 2012

7!! / New single “Sweet Drive” is now available for international digital downloading! Check out their music video exposed on VEVO/YouTube channel!

7!!(pronounced seven oops),a foursome band from Okinawa, Japan will release their 4th single “Sweet Drive” on Aug.22. This new single’s international digital downloading will be starting on Aug.21 in 19 countries around the world, and the band just exposed a new music video of “Sweet Drive” via VEVO/ YouTube channel. For the new single, it’s their first time to shoot their music video in their hometown Okinawa, an subtropical island where it has a beautiful scenery... Read More

August 22, 2012

Perfume / First Overseas Tour & Global Release of Compilation Album

As Perfume are preparing for their very first overseas tour in Asia this fall, their compilation album ‘Perfume Global Compilation “LOVE THE WORLD”’ will be released on 9/12/2012. Perfume’s Asia tour will cover Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore and all of the lives will be held at all-standing venues. More details on ticketing information will be promptly updated on Perfume’s official website. Tour Information: Perfume Overseas Tour (tentative title) 10/26/2012(Fri)... Read More

August 21, 2012

JROCK EVOLUTION 2012 / Proudly Presents Japan’s Exclusive Visual Bands to Asia -World, Get Ready for the Biggest JROCK Evolution Ever! -

“JROCK EVOLUTION 2012” Proudly Presents Japan’s Exclusive Visual Bands to Asia -World, Get Ready for the Biggest JROCK Evolution Ever! – <MUCC, Alice Nine, girugamesh, SuG, UNiTE., D-OUT> 6 of the representative Visual-kei bands of Japan will go on a tour in Japan and Asian countries! ■Touring around various countries in Asia Appearing in the Japanese music scene like a mutant genre in the late 1980’s, “visual-kei” (a.k.a. v-rock) is now a... Read More