October 31, 2012

Mai Kuraki / Release of Symphonic Collection Recorded in Moscow, Russia

Having found new potentials of ways to express her music in the successful collaboration with Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra and conductor Ikuro Fujiwara in her previous live “Mai Kuraki Symphonic Live -Opus 1-“ held in September, Mai Kuraki is now releasing her very first symphonic collection on 12/19/2012. The recording took place in Moscow, Russia where she visited for the first time and tried various arrangements of music with new people. The new challenges and various... Read More

October 30, 2012

YOSHIKI / Donation of ‘Chance to Sing X Japan’s Song with YOSHIKI on Piano’

YOSHIKI (X JAPAN) has made a donation of ‘a chance to sing X Japan’s song with YOSHIKI on piano’ for a charity auction by “Make a Wish Japan. This special donation was made through an NPO charity organization “Yoshiki Foundation America” and all bids from Japan and other parts of the world are accepted for this auction. The successful bidder will be given a chance to sing one of the songs composed by YOSHIKI with YOSHIKI himself on piano. The singing will be recorded... Read More

October 29, 2012

Morning Musume。/ First Worldwide Handshake Event Tour!

Morning Musume。had the kickoff event of “Hello! Project 15th Anniversary ~THANK YOU~ Worldwide Handshake Events” in Bangkok, Thailand. At the venue of Gateway Ekamai with a special stage, 3,000 enthusiastic fans gathered together to meet the members whom they have been waiting for a long time. At the handshake event, the members interacted with many fans by expressing their gratitude as they repeated, “Kob kun kaa (‘thank you’ in Thai)” with big smiles on their... Read More

October 26, 2012

MATSU (EXILE) / Live Screening One-man Show at Movie Theaters

[“MATSU Bocchi 02” –Ginga yori aiwo komete-] by Toshio Matsumoto (a.k.a. MATSU from EXILE) will be made available for live screening for viewers not only in Japan, but also in Hong Kong and Taiwan. This show, filled with laughter and tears of ultimate entertainment by Toshio Matsumoto who aims for the world stage, is scheduled for 10/24~28 at Ginga Gekijo in Tennozu. The final show will be open for live screening at selected theaters in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Live... Read More

October 25, 2012

RIZE / Worldwide Digital Release of New Single in 62 Countries

RIZE’s first single with their new label Warner Music Japan “LOCAL DEFENSE ORGANIZATION” has been released digitally in 62 countries via iTunes. RIZE’s overseas activities began back in 2003 with their very first nationwide US tour (38 lives in total) and the West Coast tour (7 lives in total). In 2007, RIZE participated in music festivals in 3 countries in Asia. RIZE’s aim for the world stage continues on with the release of their new single. iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/album/local-defense-organization/id563865000 Official... Read More

October 24, 2012

Model Girls / Simultaneous Worldwide Debut of “Model Taisou(Exercise)”

An all-girls unit “Model Girls” is making their debut today on 10/24(Wed) with a single “ROCK STAR” worldwide in 20 countries. This special unit of Model Girls was put together by Oscar Productions, a renowned management company whose members include famous models/actresses Ryoko Yonekura, Aya Ueto, Emi Takei and Ayame Gouriki, by selecting 8 top models from 6,000 models under their management. Official Website: http://www.modelgirls.jp Related posts:Model Girls Read More

October 23, 2012


Monkey Majik ,a rock band from Sendai, and Yoshida Brothers, Tsugaru Shamisen unit wii go on their North America tour 2012. 11/14/2012 (WED) [NEW YORK] OPEN: 19:30 / START: 20:00 VENUE: Marin Room (Webster Hall) Webster Hall 125 East 11 th st New York, NY 10003 11/18/2012 (SUN) [TORONTO, CANADA] OPEN: 19:30 / START: 20:00 VENUE: The Mod Club (Toronto, Canada) 722 College Street, Toronto, Ontario M6G 1C5 11/20/2012 (TUE) [OTTAWA, CANADA] OPEN: 19:30 / START: 20:00 VENUE: National... Read More

October 23, 2012

Japanese punk band DETROITSEVEN contributes to new song from The Vibrators

October 10, 2012 – Popular Japanese punk band DETROITSEVEN’s guitarist Tomomi Nabana will perform on a new song by The Vibrators in an upcoming American CD release by Cleopatra Records. Nabana was invited to perform backing vocals and guitar on the new track “Turn up the Heat!” for the veteran British punk band’s new album, set for release in early 2013. Nabana is the only Japanese artist invited to join a group of all-star guests, including Walter... Read More

October 23, 2012

Daichi / Participation in “Super Top Dog” at the Apollo Theater

After winning the semi-final competition on 10/17, Daichi has made it through to “Super Top Dog,” the year-end competition of Amateur Night hosted by the Apollo Theater, NY. The final championship competition is to be taking place on 10/31 and Daichi is the very first Japanese artist to participate in the final round of this phenomenal competition with 80 years of history. “Top Dog” at Apollo Theater was a gateway for world stars such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder... Read More

October 22, 2012

1000say / Participation in Japan Expo Centre & Japan Expo Belgium!

Having to participate in “JAPAN EXPO 2011” last year, 1000say announced their participation in “Japan Expo Centre” and “Japan Expo Belgium” for this year. These events share the same objective of “JAPAN EXPO,” the biggest festival to promote Japanese pop culture such as not only manga, anime, martial arts, games and costume play, but also Japanese music, movies, traditional culture and fashion presented trough showcases, seminars, lives and events. Along with... Read More