February 28, 2013

Kyarypamyupamyu / Greeting French Fans with “Bonjour!!!”

The second day of Kyaripamyupamyu’s world tour “100%KPP WORLD TOUR 2013” unfolded in France on 2/10/2013 at La Cigale in Paris. The tour had kicked off in Belgium in a great success and continued on to France for the second live of the tour. The audience at the Paris live was as welcoming that she was greeted by excited fans who screamed and jumped in pure joy to see her perform. Introduced as a ‘song about Japanese Ninja,’ she performed ‘Ninjari Bang Bang’ and... Read More

February 27, 2013

Shigeru Matsuzaki / First Performance of ‘Ai no Volare’ in France

Shigeru Matsuzaki has participated in Chico & the Gypsies’ album “Ai to Jounetsu no Gypsy” released on 2/6/2013. He was also invited to join the band’s concert held in France on 2/16/2013 at Patio de Camargue, the Mecca of Gypsy music and a venue owned by the band leader, Chico. When Shigeru Matsuzaki sang the collaboration number ‘Ai no Volare’ for the first time, the audience of about 1000 was overwhelmed by his powerful performance. Soon after the stage, the... Read More

February 26, 2013

exist†trace / New Artist Photo & Solo Live Tour

exist†trace has revealed their new artist photo with a feminine and sophisticated touch as they take another step up as a all-girl rock band. In addition to their signature stage of powerful performance no shorter than that of a male band, they took on new challenges such as performing in Takarazuka musical style and featuring play-like stories. As they’ve strived to pave their own unique way of what a female band should be, they decided on a theme of “feminine beauty”... Read More

February 25, 2013

Youmou to Ohana / Live in Taiwan

Youmou to Ohana’s song ‘Fuyu no Uta’ was used in a TV commercial as a thank-you message by Interchange Association Japan(IAJ), an organization that facilitates interaction between Japan and Taiwan, for Taiwan’s support for the disasters caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake. This commercial has been aired since March last year and has drawn a lot of attention from the viewers. Soon, many people became interested in getting to know Youmou to Ohana and their music that... Read More

February 22, 2013

Kyaripamyupamyu / Kickoff for World Tour!

Kyaripamyupamyu’s world tour “100%KPP WORLD TOUR 2013” kicked off on 2/9/2013(local time) at Vk* concerts in Brussels, Belgium. About 850 enthusiastic fans came out to watch her perform and couldn’t stop shouting “Kyaripamyupamyu! Kyaripamyupamyu” even before the live began. Welcomed by such a warm crowd bursting with energy and shouts of joy, Kyaripamyupamyu performed ‘Pamyupamyu Revolution,’ ‘Ninjari Banban,’ and many more songs. The crowd sure was mesmerized... Read More

February 20, 2013

VAMPS / Way to World Debut in Hands with Live Nation

Universal Music and Delicious Deli Records are proud to announce a new international partnership with Japanese supergroup VAMPS. Having already released two best-selling albums in Japan and established a rapidly growing live following in Asia, Europe, North America and South America, 2013 promises to be the year that VAMPS become the biggest Japanese band in history and break out into the global market. VAMPS have also announced a new deal with Live Nation to further build their... Read More

February 20, 2013

AKB48 / Appointed as Ambassadors of Tourism in Guam

The Guam Visitors Bureau appointed AKB48 as ambassadors of tourism to promote Guam’s appeal as an attractive tourist spot. The appointment ceremony will take place on 4/6/2013. AKB48 is recognized for their worldwide activities, thus chosen as the tourism ambassadors. This is the very first time a group is appointed as ambassadors of tourism in Guam. The appointment ceremony will take place as a part of the celebration on the eve of “The 1st Guam International Marathon.”... Read More

February 19, 2013

Hatsune Miku / Official YouTube Channel Now Open!

A new program “Hatsune Miku Official Channel” has been open on YouTube where clips about Hatsune Miku are introduced and broadcasted. This channel will feature music, clips, pictures and interviews regarding Hatsune Miku and introduce information on creative arts as well. The program will be updated weekly and live reports will also be available on this official channel. So, check out the information every week and enjoy the contents! YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/HatsuneMiku Official... Read More

February 18, 2013

Mika Nakashima / New Album Making a Hit in Korea & Taiwan

Mika Nakashima’s new album “REAL” released on 1/30/2013 which ranked #1 on the Oricon Weekly Chart is also making a big hit in Asia! “REAL” ranked #1 on major music charts in Korea (2/3 & 2/5). Also in Taiwan, pre-released single ‘Hatsukoi’ ranked #1 on major music download sites (2/6) and 7 songs from “REAL” ranked in the top 20 as well. Release Information: REAL Released on 1/30/2013(Wed) 1st Edition: AICL-2497~2498... Read More

February 17, 2013

Japanese Pop Culture Festival, “KAWAII MATSURI” , coming up in TOKYO!!

Japanese Pop Culture Festival, “KAWAII MATSURI” ,coming up in TOKYO!! Japanese Pop Culture Festival, “KAWAII MATSURI” will be held on 20th& 21st of April, for the first time in Tokyo. Musicians, singers, fashion models, perfomers…. Many iconic artists those who represent all genre of Japanese Pop culture will be taking part in this special event. “KAWAII”, a Japanese adjective meaning “cute” “ lovely” “adorable”, is now known all over the world and... Read More