March 29, 2013

DEPAPEPE’s Popularity Exploding in Asia!

Instrumental acoustic guitar duo DEPAPEPE held a one-band live performance titled “DEPAPEPE 10th Anniversary ‘LIVE in BANGKOK'” at the BCC Hall, Central Plaza Ladprao in Bangkok, Thailand on March 23, 2013. DEPAPEPE gave their best performance in front of 2000 Thai fans. Their Thai fans enthusiastically sang along to the melodies, going “la la la” together with the duo’s guitar playing, as the venue filled with the sounds of guitars and uproarious... Read More

March 29, 2013

Sakanaction / First Overseas Solo Live in Taiwan

Sakanaction recently made an announcement that they will hold the very first overseas solo live in their history on 6/15/2013 at THE WALL in Taipei, Taiwan. With their brand new album “sakanaction” released on 3/13, Sakanaction is currently on their nationwide tour “SAKANAQUARIUM 2013.” Since Sakanaction’s performance at “HighApps” last year, this will be their second performance in Taiwan, but the very first solo live of the band.... Read More

March 28, 2013

D’ERLANGER’s Shocking Switch to Major International Label Warner Music!

D’ERLANGER: the legendary band that, since their major debut in 1990, have had enormous influence on later visual kei rock bands, and who characterize their unique, avant-garde sounds and visual styles as “Sadistical Punk.” For their first act since switching to Warner Music, this band, which is also considered to be a pioneer among visual kei rock bands, has at long last completed their sixth album, “#Sixx,” which will be the band’s first... Read More

March 28, 2013

illion / First Performance in UK

“illion,” a solo project by Yojiro Noda (vocalist/guitarist of RADWIMPS) held their very first on 3/17/2013 (local time) at O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire in London, UK. Along with illion, an artist lineup of 5 groups including Carl Barât (a former member of THE LIBERTINES and DIRTY PRETTY THINGS) and THE RIFLES. illion was the fourth in the lineup and performed all of the 11 songs from the debut album “UBU” with support members, Kawasaki Akira (Dr / mouse on... Read More

March 27, 2013

The American singer songwriter Michelle Branch and the Japanese singer songwriter Rihwa worked on a collaboration song, “GOOD LOVE”, which is now available on the iTunes stores of 112 countries!

Michelle Branch has debuted in 2001 with the album “THE SPIRIT ROOM”, released by the label Maverick Record, supervised by Madonna. She was 18 at the time. The 3 hit tracks “Everywhere”, “All You Wanted” and “Goodbye To You” have sold more than 4,000,000 copies around the world and 350,000 copies in Japan only. She got the Grammy Award for “The game of love” with Santana and she is one of the most appreciated singer songwriter at the moment. Rihwa got to... Read More

March 27, 2013

Kawaii POP Fest / Grand Artist Lineup Announced!

“Kawaii POP Fest” with the theme of ‘kawaii (cute or adorable in Japanese)’ will be held at MUSIC ZONE in Hong Kong for 3 days (5/17~5/19/2013) in which 3 artist groups will be individually featured each day (except 5/19 where only 2 artist groups will be featured). The announced artist lineup includes Up Up Girls(Kari), SUPER☆GiRLS,, Dorothy Little Happy and 9nine. Event Information: “Kawaii POP Fest -supported by @JAM-” Date:... Read More

March 26, 2013

Berryz Kobo / Successful Live in Bangkok

Berryz Kobo held “Berryz Kobo Concert Tour 2013 Spring in Bangkok” in Thailand on 3/9/2013. As Berryz Kobo have visited Thailand several times for promotion and lives and have won the hearts of many local fans since their first solo concert in March 2010, Berryz Kobo were warmly welcomed by a big crowd of enthusiastic fans at the concert on 3/9. During the concert, special events such as a present lottery for the audience and a photo session were held to interact... Read More

March 25, 2013

AWOI / Main Guest Artist at Canada’s Biggest Anime Festival “Anime North 2013″

Among many conventions in Canada, “Anime North” boasts its enormous scale and especially its concert which can also be considered as the ‘main’ part of the entire convention. For this year’s concert, AWOI has been chosen as the main guest artist group and this stage will be their very first overseas stage, as well as a part of their solo release tour of the new single “Zetsubou no Taiyou” out on 4/3/2013. Release Information: “Zetsubou... Read More

March 25, 2013

DIR EN GREY will be releasing a mini-album called “THE UNRAVELING” on April 3

Recently, new information that the band will be doing live shows overseas has been announced. On April 5, two days after their new release, the band will also welcome the start of their new tour titled “TOUR2013 TABULA RASA.” It has already been reported that they will be taking part in the large-scale music festivals “Download in the UK” (June 14) and “Nova Rock in Austria” (June 16), and now, in addition to these, the band will be giving... Read More

March 22, 2013

ONE OK ROCK / Music Video of ‘Be the light’ PV in 6 Different Languages

ONE OK ROCK’s ‘Be the light’ from their new album “JINSEI X BOKU = (Jinsei Kakete Boku wa)” is now on their official YouTube in 6 different language versions. This song sings about the feelings towards crimes, accidents and disasters happening around the world. In hope to get this message across borders, the music video of ‘Be the light’ was prepared with English, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Chinese subtitles. Check out the following links! ‘Be the... Read More