April 30, 2013

SID and flumpool Global Live Performance From Singapore! “J-ROCK MATTERS presented by BARKS”

◆ flumpool and SID will perform at “Music Matters 2013” “Music Matters 2013”, which lines up with “MIDEM” and “SXSW” as the top international music trade fairs, will be held at the Clark Quay “The Ritz Carlton Singapore” in Singapore from May 21st ~ May 25th, 2013. Music from Canada, Australia, Korea, UK, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines, and etc. will be featured at this international music conference in which from Japan flumpool and SID will... Read More

April 30, 2013

CANTOY new PV shot on the streets of Pittsburgh

Japanese punk metal group uses clips from Tekkoshocon and Hard Rock Cafe. April 26, 2013 — Up-and-coming Japanese punk metal group CANTOY released their new music video today for “RANKA,” from their second mini-album “KILL”. Shot entirely on location in Pittsburgh during the band’s debut performance in America, the video features behind-the-scenes clips, mosh pits, and onstage beer-chugging from their appearances at anime convention Tekkoshocon... Read More

April 30, 2013

New Wave J-Rock band Budo Grape returns to UK for Doki Doki Japanese Festival

April 28, 2013 — Nagoya-based Japanese band Budo Grape will return to the United Kingdom for the Doki Doki Japanese Festival in November 2013. Budo Grape completed their first tour of the United Kingdom in 2012 in cooperation with It Came From Japan, with appearances in London, Brighton, and Manchester. The Doki Doki event will be held at Manchester’s Sugden Sports Centre, with a live concert and art, culture, and fashion events. More info at: http://www.dokidokifestival.com LINKS Budo... Read More

April 30, 2013

Spitz Releases MV For “Sara Sara” Shot At the Album Production Site

Spitz will be releasing a new single “Sara Sara/Bokuwa Kitto Tabi ni Deru” for the first time in two years and eight months. The MV of “Sara Sara” was released on the official YOUTBE channel and GyaO!. This MV was shot in the studio while recording their new album. The whole video shows the members recording in the studio. Until now, Spitz has never shown any video of their recording site making this an innovative and valuable product for fans. Furthermore, it shows... Read More

April 30, 2013

Acid Black Cherry, First Japanese Artist To Be Chosen For TAIWAN SUZUKI’s Commercial Insert

It has been revealed that Acid Black Cherry’s song will be featured as TAIWAN SUZUKI’s commercial song. The song that was chosen to be featured in the commercial for TAIWAN SUZUKI’s “SWIFT”, is Acid Black Cherry’s 2010, 9th singles, “Re:birth”, which is also included in his newest album, “2012”. He will become the first Japanese artist to have a song featured in a commercial for TAIWAN SUZUKI. Acid Black Cherry is rapidly gaining popularity in Taiwan, as all... Read More

April 30, 2013

SEKAI NO OWARI、MV For New Song “RPG” Full Release

The video clip for the new song “RPG” by SEKAINO OWARI, which will go on sale on May 1st, was released on YouTube. This video clip was directed by a popular filmmaker, Jun Tamukai, where they worked together as a team for the very first time. The MV shows a story of the members being guided children disguised as animal to start a revolution; a seriousness yet humorous piece. He created the video by portraying the unique outlook of the world of SEKAI NO OWARI with a more... Read More

April 29, 2013

LITE Releases New Full Album In 2 Years

LITE will be releasing their 4th full album “Installation” on June 5th from their own record label “I Want The Moon”. This album that follows the album released 2 years ago called “For all the innocence”, has been recorded in two countries, Japan and America. This new album contains their original technical and emotional riff and melody along with a new electric music element by using a synthesizer. We recommend that you compare this new album with their old ones. Kaoru... Read More

April 26, 2013

Momoiro Clover will release an Indie Best “Iriguchi no Nai Deguchi” for their 5th Anniversary.

Momoiro Clover is releasing an indie best album for their 5th anniversary to look back on their road to becoming “Momoiro Clover Z”. The title is an indie best album “Iriguchi no Nai Deguchi”. The detail on the songs and the clips is to be announced but many unrecorded songs will be in the CD. This is going to be their first full album as Momoiro Clover. To celebrate the release, they have launched a special website on Stardust Records Website. Also, a trailer narrated... Read More

April 26, 2013

illion releases a MV “BEEHIVE” with an avant-garde art

Illion’s brand new MV of “BEEHIVE” from the album “UBU” was released on official YouTube. We did announce to you on March 20th article of BARKS news about how their first world live, with the album that was released in 8 countries around the world in their hand, grabbed the foreign audience. The first song performed on this stage was “BEEHIVE”. This is a piece where multiple guitars mix and ensemble in time to break beats, with cutting edge trip. This song is composed... Read More

April 25, 2013

Matenrou Opera’s Guitarist, Anzi, Announced a Live Guitar Battle with a Popular Vocaloid Producer.

Anzi from Matenrou Opera has been streaming a fun live show inviting guests not only for fans but also for a wider variety of audience. He has done several live guitar battles, and on April 19th, as he has announced, a popular Vocaloid Producer ,Devilish P, will be on the show to guitar-battle with Anzi. The show has featured guests such as Norifumi Shima from Concerto Moon, Hiroya Fukuda, an ex-ANTHEM Member and Kelly SIMONZ, but this will be the first time for the show to... Read More