April 25, 2013

Ikimono Gakari’s New Song Has Been Picked For Pocket Monster’s Movie. More Shows Announced for Summer.

Ikimono Gakari has announced that their new song will be the theme song for Pocket Monster Movie “Shinsoku no Genesect Mewtwo Kakusei” in theaters July 13th 2013. Also more shows and events have been updated. The title of the song is “Egao(Smile)”. Kiyoe Yoshioka’s natural smooth voice conveys a positive and strong message over medium tempo song. The leader of the band, Yoshiki Mizuno wrote the music and the lyric and Kameda Seiji arranged it as a special collaboration... Read More

April 24, 2013

Perfume 2nd World Tour in Europe

Perfume announced that they will have a one man show in Europe in July. For the first time in Europe, Perfume will have a tour called “Perfume WORLD TOUR 2nd”, where they will be performing in 3 countries; Germany, England and France. This is their second world tour from “Perfume WORLD TOUR 1st” where all the tickets were sold out and were warmly welcomed in the Asian countries in 2012 indicating their worldwide popularity. In 2013, world fan club was established allowing... Read More

April 24, 2013

Ling tosite Sigure’s New Album “i’mperfect” Will Be Released in Taiwan and Europe.

Ling Tosite Sigure has released their new album after 2 and a half years ,and announced their national tour “Dear Perfect” and their first international solo performance in Taiwan, followed by the news of “i’m perfect”’s official international release in Taiwan and Europe. This is their first distribution overseas. The release date in Taiwan is April 26th. The distribution begins in prior to their additional solo performance in Taiwan called “ Ling tosite... Read More

April 23, 2013

[LIVE REPORT] Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, “100% KPP-WORLD TOUR”, first New York concert following performance in Los Angeles, ends in success

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is currently on her “100% KPP-WORLD TOUR”. For the second day in the US, on April 14th, she held a solo concert at Best Buy Theater in New York, made famous with performances by BON JOVI, LINKIN PARK, and etc. Following the Los Angeles concert, the New York concert also sold out. Loads of fans gathered around the venue from morning wearing Kyary’s costume from her MV. Once the concert hall opened, inside were 2,100 fans eagerly waiting for the show to... Read More

April 23, 2013

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, the First Japanese to Appear on Main Stage of the Largest US Festival “Coachella”

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra appeared as the first Japanese artist ever on the main stage of “Coachella”, one of the world`s top level rock festival held on April 19th. It is a stage that prominent artists such as Radiohead, Coldplay, Prince, Madonna, Paul McCartney, and Muse has performed on, and for this year, Blur, The Stone Roses, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. On the stage that only these chosen artists are allowed to stand, Ska Paradise stood as a representative of Japan.... Read More

April 23, 2013

Hemenway / Hopeful Message for a Brand New Start with 4th Digital Single

As the 4th release of the 10-month consecutive release series, Hemenway is releasing “Hanafuru Yoru” on 4/24/2013 with a hopeful message for those who are starting in a new environment to pursue their dreams or beginning another chapter in their lives. Toshi joined Isaac to write the lyrics for this song, sharing the story of how they dreamed of playing their music in Japan someday when they were studying in the USA. The lyrics also express heartfelt thanks for the support... Read More

April 22, 2013

Japan’s Music News Site “BARKS” launches their English edition!

Japan’s No.1 online music news site “BARKS” launched and started full operations of “BARKS English edition (http://www.en.barks.jp)”. Throughout the past, BARKS had been posting articles written in only Japanese, but with numerous Japanese artists performing on a global scale, obtaining unique cultural backgrounds which JPOP, J-Rock, and Kawaii cultures carry forth, “BARKS English edition” had been launched to share and fascinate widely to all lovers of Japanese... Read More

April 22, 2013

flumpool, In Fluent Chinese Performs Together with a Major Taiwan Band, Mayday

flumpool appeared on stage on April 17th at the Live event 【TOKYO FM & JFN present EARTH×HEART LIVE 2013】 held at the NHK Hall, and performed together with a major Taiwan rock band Mayday. This Live has been held annually since 1990 on Earth Day, April 22nd, as a Worldwide broadcast Concert by 38 JFN channels including TOKYO FM. Triggered by the Tohoku Earthquake of 2011 in Japan, they changed the name to “EARTH×HEART LIVE”, connecting two anagrams, and has become... Read More

April 22, 2013

KEITA (w-inds) Releases His Solo Album. “I’m Not Who I Really Am in My Daily Life When I’m Doing Music”

Tachibana Keita is releasing his 1st solo album on June 5th by the name of KEITA. KEITA created a buzz with his built-up body and great stage performance after his hit debut single “Slide ‘n’ Step” released on February 20th. Right after the release he, also released “ Slide ‘n’ Step -Extended Mix-feat. SKY-HI(AAA) exclusively on downloads, which is a collaboration with SKY-HI=Mitsuhiro Hidaka (AAA), an upcoming Japanese HIPHOP icon. The title of... Read More

April 19, 2013

Perfume, Going on a Tour Alone (One-man Tour) for the First Time in Europe!

Perfume just released their single “Mirai no Museum” this February and will be having “Zutto Sukidattannjake~ Sasurai no MenKata Perfume FES!!” Battle of Bands Live House Tour. They will also be attending several other different events within and outside of Japan. It has been announced that they will also be having a one-man tour for the first time in Europe in July! Titled “Perfume WORLD TOUR 2nd”, they will be touring through Germany, England, and France, and it... Read More