April 19, 2013

taffy, a Japanese band that is receiving the most attention in England released two new songs yet to be on sale in Japan.

taffy, is a Japanese quartet band who conquered the music media in England in 2012. A band that has no songs released in Japan suddenly appeared in the music scene of England. They were featured in one of the most influential musical magazine in the world, (England) on the opening page as a Japanese rookie band for the first time. Subsequently, they received rave reviews from one of the three major papers in England, “Guardian”, and also from about 100 English medias. In... Read More

April 18, 2013

EGO-WRAPPIN′ Distributing on iTunes All Past Songs Including the Latest Album All Over the World

EGO-WRAPPIN’, who released their latest album “steal a person’s heart” on April 10th, on the same day started distribution including all past songs in 111 regions around the world on iTunes. “steal a person’s heart”, which will be their 8th original album contain a total of 11 songs. Modern Artist Shintaro Otake wrote their lyrics, and they contain different musical pieces which you can fully enjoy the Ego-World, such as the lead track “Mekon no Tsuki”... Read More

April 18, 2013

Team Shachihoko`s Second Live Alone (One-Man Live) will be “Oto-more (Sound Leakage) Distributed” Through Ustream

We will be able to take a peek into the One-man Live that will be held at Zepp Nagoya, Aichi on May 3rd through the sound of the Live planned to be “Oto-more Distributed” using Ustream. This Live will be the second One-man Live for Team Shachihoko. Used also during last year`s first One-man Live “ First One-Man Live (決) ~Kimie no Omoi Jiki Shoso~”, “Oto-more Distribution” is literally “leaking” on live the sounds within the venue with Ustream. Last time, instead... Read More

April 17, 2013

CROSSFAITH Attending the 「WARPED TOUR」London Performance

It was announced that CROSSFAITH will be appearing at 「VANS WARPED TOUR UK ’13」, which is going to be held on November 16th and 17th at Alexandra Palace of London. 「VANS WARPED TOUR」 is a large touring festival held in the United States in early summer, and this is the second time starting from last year to be held in England. CROSSFAITH attended last year as well, and this year they will be performing on main stage. CROSSFAITH will also be joining the 「VANS WARPED... Read More

April 17, 2013

[Event Report] ℃-ute, “a dream come true”. Nippon Budokan performance and Paris, France solo performance has been decided. “I’m happy since I will be eating happy udon this time!.”

℃-ute held a release event for the announcement for their 21st single CD, “Crazy Kanzenna Otona”, at Ikebukuro Sunshine City. ℃-ute announced that they will perform a solo performances in France and at the Nippon Budokan. Performing at the Nippon Budokan has been a dream for the five members and they are extremely happy to have achieved this dream. By the time the group had finished the first song, “Kanashiki Heaven”, all the members of the group including Maimi Yajima... Read More

April 16, 2013

MIYAVI, Full-blown World Debut. From “雅-MIYAVI-“ to “MIYAVI”

MIYAVI who has fans all over the world will be world debuting at full-scale. He has completed three world tours successfully, performing over 200 lives at 30 different countries. He appeared in the world’s largest musical instrument show in Anaheim, California, America in January 2013. With Elton John and Dooby Brothers appearing, first time in the history a Japanese artist played as the key performer at Taylor booth, an American guitar maker. Not only that, on Taylor’s... Read More

April 16, 2013

Yuzu announces release of first album in 2 years and 3 months: “LAND”. Album artwork done by Takashi Murakami

Yuzu’s first album in 2 years and 3 months, “LAND” will be released on May 1st (Wed). Details on tracklist and album artwork were revealed. The artwork for the new album, “LAND” was done by renowned, modern artist, Takashi Murakami. Murakami has worked on Yuzu’s work on several occasions in the past: He has worked on artworks for Yuzu’s 12th single, “Again 2” and 4th album, “Yuzu More”. Furthermore, he has made appearances at Yuzu’s events and worked on... Read More

April 15, 2013

J-Rock bands DAZZLE VISION and CANTOY set concert record at Tekkoshocon 2013

April 11, 2013 — Japanese rock and metal bands DAZZLE VISION and CANTOY set the record for the highest-ever concert attendance at Japanese pop culture event Tekkoshocon last week, with 1100 fans attending the live performance at Pittsburgh’s David L. Lawrence Convention Center during the April 5-7 weekend. The concert was headlined by screamo band DAZZLE VISION, whose lead singer Maiko challenged the audience with “Show me what you got!” before launching... Read More

April 15, 2013

VAMPS has released profile pictures for the new artist and has opened a long awaited official Facebook page

VAMPS has released profile pictures for the new artist. These pictures were taken during the , where there were a total of 49 performances, at the ZEPP NAMBA venue. If you look closely at these pictures you can see that HYDE and K.A.Z.’s reflections look like they are in liquid form. Their costume, unified in a monotone look, gives the red liquid in the glass a very fresh impression. They announced the release of their long awaited official Facebook page. This shows... Read More

April 15, 2013

nano’s Ustream Radio, “Nanoraji!,” will begin streaming on a regular biweekly schedule

“Nanoraji,” a Ustream radio program featuring nano and DJ Puni Q, will now be broadcast regularly as “Nanoraji! S.” The program will be streamed every other Tuesday beginning 16 April (Tuesday). Ustream: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/nanoradio2013 While “Nanoraji!” was slated to end on March 17th (Sunday), the program was promptly reconsidered for regular streaming when it became clear that it had reached number one in the global listenership... Read More