August 22, 2013

SPYAIR’s 3rd Album “MILLION” Will Be Released in 50 Countries in Europe.

SPYAIR’s 3rd album “MILLION”, released on August 7th, will be released in 50 countries in Europe. They have been gaining popularity in Asia including Korea, where they have performed at a big music festival or had a solo show, and finally, they are launching for European market with their 3rd album. One of the major reasons is that they will be performing at a music event in Paris on September 22nd, but they already have some general popularity as well as core fan base.... Read More

August 22, 2013

Tomoyasu Hotei adds concerts in New York and Berlin to the London concert!

Tomoyasu Hotei has newly announced concerts in New York in addition to the previously announced London concert. In addition to the previously announced live concert at 02 Shepherd’s Bush Empire in London on Saturday, November 9, concerts have also been newly set for Thursday, November 14 in New York. The band members will welcome on the drums Zachary Alford, who support the HOTEI SOUND on the Rock’n Roll Revolution Tour 2013 and who just recently participated comprehensively... Read More

August 21, 2013

Starmarie Documentary Footage from <Anime Expo 2013> Released

Starmarie, who look as if they’ve just jumped out of a fairy-tale book and sing a cross between lighthearted songs and songs of despair and with fantasy as their concept, took the stage as guests of the 2013 Los Angeles Anime Expo 2013, the largest anime convention in North America. The group performed as the live guest performers for one of the Anime Expo events on July 5-6, the fashion show that introduces Japanese brands, in front of an audience of approximately 800 local... Read More

August 20, 2013

KAGERO, Holding US Tour of 3 Bands

A passionate type instrumental band, KAGERO, will be hoding a US tour along with THE RiCECOOKERS, the alternative rock band know for their theme song of the drama “SPEC”, “NAMInoYUKUSAKI”, and punk band UZUHI. Starting from the performance of September 5th (Thur.) at Newark DL, they will perform in a total of 4 venues, Trenton NJ, Cambridge MA, and New York NY. Official Website: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube:... Read More

August 20, 2013

MAN WITH A MISSION Unexpectedly Moved to Sony Music Records. MWAM Will Be Performing with Aerosmith at the largest Rock Festival in Taiwan.

MAN WITH A MISSON Suddenly Appeared into the Japanese rock scene three years ago. Their first Nippon Budokan Show ended as a big success, and drove the crowd crazy at summer festivals such as Summer Sonic. Their first Yokohana Arena show sold out the minute the tickets came out and other shows are being sold out, too. This band with the biggest buzz in Japanese rock field decided to move to Sony Music Records to pursue bigger success , and will release a new single from the new... Read More

August 20, 2013

Luna Haruna & Tomohisa Sako Hold First Taiwan Performance

“Prince of the WEB” Tomohisa Sako and budding anime songstress Luna Haruna appeared at the “A-LIVE 2013” event in Taipei, Taiwan on July 14, performing in front of 500 lucky fans. This overseas trip was the first to Taiwan for both Haruna and Sako, where around 100 fans were waiting for them at the airport when they arrived. It caused about an hour of panic, but spoke to their high popularity in the country. The site for the “A-LIVE 2013” event was NEO STUDIO, a... Read More

August 20, 2013

FLOW, Perform at Taiwan’s Largest Rock Fest. “TWINKLE ROCK FESTIVAL” Along with Aerosmith and MAN WITH A MISSION

Flow was chosen to perform on main stage of Taiwan`s largest rock fest, which will be held at Taiwan`s Kaohsiung National Stadium on August 24th. Kaohsiung National Stadium is a open sports stadium holding international games. FLOW has been attending many fests abroad in recent years, but it will be their first one in Taiwan. There, they will be performing along with the famous men of rock, Aerosmith and MAN WITH A MISSION <TWinkle Rock Festival 2013 Rock Sonic Day in Kaohsiung> August... Read More

August 19, 2013

DIR EN GREY to Tour North America After Two Years

DIR EN GREY, who in June announced that they set out on a nationwide tour this autumn, also announced that they will be holding a North American tour. DIR EN GREY was scheduled to do an American tour in 2012, but it was canceled due to the poor condition of Kyo’s throat. This is the first time the band will travel to America since 2011, so this is surely a long-awaited tour for both American fans and the band members. The North American tour has the same title as the Japanese... Read More

August 19, 2013

EGO-WRAPPIN’, Attending Fest Held in Russia as Representative of Japan

EGO-WRAPPIN’ will be attending the music fest held for the first time in Vladivostok of Russia on August 24th. In this fest, representing artists of Japan, Korea, China, and the US are invited, and a very popular local artist of Russia will be closing it. It will be held in Vladivostok City Central Square, and the fest is expected to have about 15,000 audiences. We look forward as to how the stage will turn out to be. <V-ROX> August 22nd – 25th Site: Vladivostok City... Read More

August 16, 2013

The New “Sailor Moon” Theme Song Sung By Momoiro Clover Z Distributed Worldwide

At the production press conference of the new Sailor Moon on August 4th at Nicofarre, TOKYO, it was announced that this piece will be distributed worldwide through Nico-do (Nico Nico Douga, Japanese version of YouTube) and that Momoiro Clover Z will be in charge of the opening and ending song. The 5 Momoclos sang an arranged version of the 1992 “Sailor Moon”`s theme song, “Moonlight Densetsu” at their Live held at Nissan Stadium “Momoiro Clover Z Momoclo Natsu no Baka... Read More