December 17, 2013

T.M.Revolution’s 2014 New Year’s Day Concert Tickets are now made available for fans all over the world!!

“T.M.R. NEW YEARS PARTY‘14 LIVE REVOLUTION” will be held on January 1st and 2nd 2014 at NIPPON BUDOKAN. The concert tickets are now available for fans all over the world! Do not miss this chance to get the premium tickets for this Japanese Rock artist, whose popularity is rising up in the world! [Ticket Info] “T.M.R. NEW YEARS PARTY‘14 LIVE REVOLUTION” Ticket Sale Schedule On Sale: December 17th (Tue) 12 PM-December 24th (Tue) 11:59 PM (Japan Time) Concert Info: January... Read More

December 17, 2013

Morning Musume。Changes Group Name To “Morning Musume。’14”

The producer of Morning Musume。, Tsunku♂, has announced on his blog and official website that Morning Musume。will be changing their group name on January 1, 2014. According to the announcement, the new name would be “Morning Musume。’14.  Tsunku♂ explained, “In order for the group to continue their activity for the next 10, 20, or 30 years, I wanted to ensure that it would be easier for people to find answers to questions such as, ‘when was the single, “xxxx”,... Read More

December 16, 2013

ANARCHY: Music video for Japanese rap anthem, “LOYALTY”, released

Rapper, ANARCHY, released his album “DGKA (DIRTY GHETTO KING ANARCHY)” for free download last month. The music video for the song “LOYALTY” from the album was released. “LOYALTY”, produced by top American producer, STATIK SELEKTAH, gives props to 20 artists and can be called a “Japanese rap anthem”. “DGKA (DIRTY GHETTO KING ANARCHY)” has taken the No.1 spot on “Audiomack”, an American music distribution site that works with the likes of Chris Brown,... Read More

December 13, 2013

flumpool’s Christmas Studio Live Concert To Be Broadcasted Live

It has been announced that flumpool would be holding a special studio live concert on the night of December 25th, Christmas day, which would be the same day of the release of their new Blu-ray & DVD release featuring the band’s 5th anniversary concert, , held at Nippon Budokan in October. The event would be held in a studio in Tokyo which has served to become the birthplace of numerous songs since their debut. The setlist for the concert will be comprised of songs that... Read More

December 13, 2013

Starmarie confirmed to appear in <SXSW 2014>

It’s been confirmed that in 2014 Starmarie will be making an appearance in the world’s largest music convention, <SXSW 2014 (South by Southwest)>, taking place in Texas, US. In 2013, Starmarie is an idol group that has actively held performances not only in Japan, but at overseas events such as <Best of Anime> and <Anime Expo>. This same Starmarie will be performing at the <SXSW Music Festival>, which is scheduled to take place from March 11-16 of 2014. They... Read More

December 12, 2013

NAGAREDA Project to Appear at German Anime & Manga Festival “connichi 2014”

Following the release of their first original album “fake” in September, NAGAREDA Project have just finished a nationwide tour which held its final performance on Dec. 1 at TSUTAYA O-WEST. During the show, of course the group performed their theme song for the anime “Saint Seiya Ω”, “Mirai Saint Seiya Ω~Saint Evolution~”, as well as many songs from their original album “fake” including “Butter-Fly”, “Guren no Yumiya”, “Connect” and several anime... Read More

December 11, 2013

LUNA SEA to release their long-awaited full album “A WILL” 13 years and 5 months after their last full album “LUNACY”

LUNA SEA has announced their “LUNA SEA 25th ANNIVERSARY LIVE” for 2014 being the 25th year after their band formation. The “LUNA SEA 25th ANNIVERSARY LIVE” will be held on May 29th, which is their band formation anniversary day, at Yoyogi National Gymnasium. This live has been long-awaited and was finally decided to be held 1 year and 4 months after LUNA SEAs Nihon Budokan 6DAYS live held in January 2013. This Night has a special meaning for LUNA SEA and of course the... Read More

December 11, 2013

AK-69, Distribution of Songs Already Released Through Oversea iTunes Store

AK-69 released their best album “Road to The Independent King” on December 4th. It was announced that their past songs will also be distributed on overseas iTunes Store (some songs excluded). 125 songs has been released in the past, from songs on the album “PAINT THE WORLD” from the time they were called Kalassy Nikoff, to the new original album “The Independent King” which will be released in January, and in “Road to The Independent King”, 32 chosen songs out... Read More

December 10, 2013

SuG Official Offline Fan Event “update ver.0” in Taiwan!!

SuG announced live-viewing of their concert at theaters overseas on December 29th and now they just announced they will hold an official fan event after the viewing in Taiwan. This event will be held only for fans of SuG so the fans coming to the live-viewing can communicate and network with each other. This fan-meeting will feature some special projects that can’t be happening even in Japan, such as special messages from SuG’s members and there will be autographed... Read More

December 10, 2013

Tommy heavenly6 Reveals Music Video for New Song from New “Ice cream” Album

Tomoko Kawase of the brilliant green released her new album “TOMMY ♡ ICE CREAM HEAVEN ♡ FOREVER” on November 27 as vol.3 of her 15th debut anniversary project. With the release of the album, the music video for her new song was revealed. Following the reveal of the music video for the song “Ruby eyes”, a theme song for a TV drama, a new music video for the track “Can you hear me?” from the new album has now also been revealed. With collaboration goods with the... Read More