February 21, 2014

Japan Nite & Japan Nite US Tour 2014

SXSW, an annual film, interactive, and music festivals and conferences held in Austin, Texas, United States, starting on March 6th this year. Japan Nite Tour is an annual post-SXSW tour by performers at Japan Nite at SXSW. Japan Nite has showcased numerous upcoming Japanese acts including HY, ELLEGARDEN, Love Phychedelico, Original Love, Lolita No.18, Cocco, Go!Go!7188, Petti Booka, Kishidan, Bonnie Pink, Scandal, Chatmonchy, Number Girl. This year’s performers are Starmarie,... Read More

February 21, 2014

Mayu Wakisaka Performing at SXSW and Releasing a Full Album

Mayu Wakisaka, a singer-songwriter known for her preloaded songs in Sony Walkman has announced she will be performing at SXSW in March 2014. SXSW, an annual film, interactive, and music festivals and conferences held in Austin, Texas, United States, starting on March 6th this year. Japan Nite Tour is an annual post-SXSW tour by performers at Japan Nite at SXSW. Since her career started in Los Angeles, USA, it may be a kind of home-coming performance for her. “I’m so excited... Read More

February 21, 2014

Morning Musume ’14 Breaks Own Record: Four Consecutive Single Releases Mark 1st Place

Morning Musume ‘14’s 55th single “Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa / Kimi no Kawari wa Iyashinai / What is LOVE?” won 1st place on its first week of appearing on the Oricon Weekly Ranking. This would be the 4th consecutive release for Morning Musume ’14 to win 1st place on the weekly charts beginning “Help me!!” in January 2013, followed by “Brain Storming / Kimisae Ireba Nanimo Iranai” and “Wagamama Kinomama Ai no Joke / Ai no Gundan”. This would mark a new record... Read More

February 20, 2014

SuG × SPINNS Collaboration Starts & Limited Distribution Of Original Collaboration Music Video

SuG began a special collaboration with the Harajuku-style casual fashion shop chain “SPINNS” on January 31. With Takeru, the vocalist for SuG, originally working as a model for the Harajuku-style fashion magazine “KERA” and owning his own original brand, SuG has had a renowned fashion sense. As a part of this time’s collaboration project, SuG will be jacking the signboards at “SPINNS Shinsaibashi” and “SPINNS Nagoya” beginning January 31. Furthermore, beginning... Read More

February 20, 2014

K.A.N.T.A, Organize a Project With His American Visit

With K.U.D.O o MAJOR FORCE as a father,K.A.N.T.A is rapper, fashion brand producer, and creator. His activity forms are very independent, yet is highly praised as an originator within and out of the country, being chosen by “BEAMS”, “MR>PORTER”, and “G-STAR” as Japan`s icon. He has teamed up with the first crowd funding company in Japan (CAMPFIRE) and launced a new project. The project is named “K.A.N.T.A America Takeover Project”. This project will have Live... Read More

February 19, 2014

Perfume, Guest Participation in Taiwan Music Event “9th KKBOX MUSIC AWARDS”

It was announced that Perfume will be attending the music event held in Taipei Arena of Taiwan, “9th KKBOX MUSIC AWARDS” on February 22nd (Sat.). “9th KKBOX MUSIC AWARDS” is an event held by the online music service KKBOX, and every year top artists of Taiwan and around Asia attend this event. From Japan, Che’Nelle attended last year and flumpool attended the year before, both as guests. Details of the event are the following. ●Event Information “9th KKBOX MUSIC... Read More

February 19, 2014

TarO & JirO Appears As Guest On PROMIC.TV “J-POP-NEWS’” Public Live Recording

The YouTube program, PROMIC.TV “J-POP NEWS”, which started as a means of supporting Japanese artists who seek success internationally, on June 18, 2013, began a new public live-concert recording project. As the very first artist to be featured on the project, TarO & JirO were called upon to make their appearance. Foreign study-abroad students currently residing in Japan were invited to the live concert. Using various SNS including Facebook and Twitter, they will be able... Read More

February 18, 2014

coldrain, Participating in English Rock Fes “DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL 2014”

coldrain will be participating in “DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL 2014”, an English Rock/Metal Fest. “DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL 2014” will be held for 3 days from June 13th (Fri.) to June 15th (Sun.) in Donington Park of UK, and many artists such as Aerosmith, Avenged Sevenfold, Fall Out Boy, Linkin Park, Offspring, Trivium, and many others will be attending. As for Japanese artists, Crossfaith`s participation has already been announced. Official Website: http://coldrain.jp/ Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/coldrainjapan VAP:... Read More

February 18, 2014

BiS Releases Music Video For “primal.2” Starring HISASHI (GLAY)

The music video for “primal.2” off of BiS’ last original album “WHO KiLLED IDOL?” (release on March 5) has been released. The song is a sequel to one of BiS’ representative songs, “primal.”, produced by Kenta Matsukuma (SCRAMBLES). With the fact that HISHASHI (GLAY) complimented “primal.” on Twitter at the time of its release, he has been chosen to make a guest appearance with his guitar works on the new song. The cameraman shot the music video alone in a... Read More

February 17, 2014

Kinoko Teikoku Releases In 110 Countries

Kinoko Teikoku, who participated in a Canadian tour in 2013 to hold two shows in Toronto and a show each in Montreal and Vancouver, has announced that they would be releasing their songs internationally. Kinoko Teikoku saw much success in their shows overseas with the crowds engaging in sing-alongs, dives and moshes. With the aim to deliver their works to an even wider audience, they will begin distributing their song internationally. The three songs “Uzu ni Naru”, “eureka”... Read More