October 9, 2014

FOUR GET ME A NOTS will release their 2010 album, “TRIAD”, in Korea

FOUR GET ME A NOTS’ mini-album, “TRIAD”, will be released in Korea on October 21. “TRIAD”, the band’s 2nd mini album, was originally released in 2010. It contains six songs including the hit song, “Beginning”. The mini-album will be released on CD and digitally in Korea. FOUR GET ME A NOTS plan to tour Korean in November to commemorate the release. “TRIAD” is FOUR GET ME A NOTS’ second release in Korea. Their first release was their full album, “SILVER... Read More

October 8, 2014

MIKU EXPO 2014 announces final guests before Letterman debut

MIKU EXPO has exploded into a massive multi-featured event, with several guest and special event announcements before Hatsune Miku’s USA television debut on David Letterman this week (Oct. 8). Hatsune Miku’s appearance on the nationally-televised show will give American audiences a preview of the MIKU EXPO performance awaiting fans at L.A.’s Nokia Theater and New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom during the next 2 weeks. MIKU EXPO recently revealed its Halloween... Read More

October 8, 2014

WEAVER represents Japan at a music festival in Singapore

WEAVER returned to Japan in July from studying abroad in London. They are currently in the midst of their Japan tour. The band will also represent Japan at “Sundown Festival 2014” that will be held in Singapore on November 22. “Sundown Festival” is an annual festival that focuses on Asian music and culture. Its mission is to showcase the diversity of Asian entertainment and to bring together Asian cultures and entertainment. The number of participating countries has... Read More

October 8, 2014

Kicell, First Performance in Taiwan, Performing with Hom Shenhao of TOUMING MAGAZINE

It was announced that Kicell will be holding a Live in TaipeiPIPE LIVE MUSIC of Taiwan on December 13th. This will be their first Taiwan performance. For the guest act, they will have Hom Shenhao (Vo, G) of TOUMING MAGAZINE. Tickets are slold in advance on the music site INDIEVOX from October 1st, and pair tickets are also sold in shops in Taipei. Official Website: http://www.nidan-bed.com/english.html Blog: http://kicell.blog36.fc2.com/ Related posts:kicell Read More

October 7, 2014

Moso Calibration, WHY@DOLL, Rio Hiiragi Added to the Line-Up for Little Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Taipei

Little Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Taipei, which brings Japanese Kawaii to the Asian Market, will be held on November 16th at The Wall in Taiwan. The event added 4 performers and the last to be announced was Moso Calibration, a sister group of Dempagumi. Inc. Moso Calibration was formed in March 2013 at Akihabara Dear Stage, Tokyo, and their creative director is Mofuku Chan, who produces Dempagumi.inc. This will be their first performance overseas and they are expected to follow their... Read More

October 7, 2014

SCANDAL, Out to the World with “HELLO WORLD”

SCANDAL will release their new single “Image” on November 19th and a new album “HELLO WORLD” on December 3rd. From the beginning of 2015, they will start their Live tour “SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2014 ‘HELLO WORLD’ “, which will include overseas tours. The tour will start from a city hall in Atsugi, Kanagawa of Japan from January 24th of 2015, and 31 performances are planned in the country. They are also planning Lives in the States,... Read More

October 6, 2014

Nana Mizuki performs her new song for the first time at her first Singapore concert

Nana Mizuki played her first one-off Singapore show on September 27. The show, which was titled “NANA MIZUKI LIVE FLIGHT 2014+”, was an add-on date to her summer Japan tour. She will go on to play in Taiwan on October 4 and 5. A live viewing of the Singapore show was held for 17,000 people in a total of 58 venues including Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thailand. Fans lined up in front of the venue early in the morning to buy merchandise. There were over 100 people in... Read More

October 4, 2014

Media Reminder: Morning Musume。’14 USA Comment Video + New York Concert this Sunday, Oct. 5

Morning Musume。’14 USA comment video features member Sakura Oda speaking in English to USA fans, giving details on special NYC goods, including a commemorative CD and handshake event. CONCERT INFORMATION Best Buy Theater 1515 Broadway New York, NY 10036 Ages: 16 & Over Doors Open: 3:00PM Morning Musume ’14, also known as Momusu, are one of the most successful Japanese all-girl idol groups, produced by the famous rock singer-writer Tsunku. They are the lead group of... Read More

October 3, 2014

Ichiro Yamada from Sakanaction Will Represent Japanese Music Scene at RED BULL MUSIC ACADEMY TOKYO 2014.

Ichiro Yamaguchi from Sakanaction will be on promotional campaign for RED BULL MUSIC ACADEMY TOKYO 2014. “RED BULL Music Academy (RBMA) is a music academy that educates and supports the talents of new generation for a month from October 12th 2014 in Tokyo. Prior to the academy, There will be a promotional campaign of RBMA to let the philosophy of RBMA know throughout Tokyo(Shibuya Omotesando and Roppongi) from October 1st. Also, there will be a web campaign, too. The participating... Read More

October 3, 2014

BEFORE MY LIFE FAILS’ video from Taiwan’s biggest festival creates a huge buzz

BEFORE MY LIFE FAILS performed at Taiwan’s largest festival, . Their video log of their time at the festival has created quite a buzz. The band will release the single, “SOLARIS”, on Wednesday, November 5. The artwork for the single was revealed along with the aforementioned video. Vocalist Matsuno spelled out the story of a Solaris floating above the city sky. The hugely talented creative collective, Maxilla, added a animation touch to it. Official Website: http://beforemylifefails.com/ Facebook:... Read More