November 20, 2014

SCANDAL releases newest single “Image”. SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2015 “HELLO WORLD” announced!!

Today the 20th single by SCANDAL has been released via iTunes and is also available worldwide for international fans as well. This catchy new song was written and composed by MAMI (Guitar & Vocals) and depicts the bands’ current “image”. Check it out on iTunes at Also for next year SCANDAL has officially announced their first ever world tour, SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2015 “HELLO WORLD”! SCANDAL will start their... Read More

November 20, 2014

EGOIST , new single “Fallen” available now!

Featured as the ending theme song for the anime series “PSYCHO-PASS 2” Since their formation, EGOIST, consisting of producer ryo (supercell) and vocals Chelly have been actively touring in Japan and internationally. Their newest single, “Fallen” is featured as the ending theme song for the TV anime series “PSYCHO-PASS 2”, and is a fast beat tune that perfectly matches with the anime series. It has been over a year since their last single release and today they release... Read More

November 20, 2014

WORLD ORDER performs at Abbey Road

WORLD ORDER’s new video for “INFORMAL EMPIRE” premiered on YouTube. “INFORMAL EMPIRE” is a song off of their new album, “HAVE A NICE DAY”, that will be released on December 17. The music video shows the band walking and dancing in various London locations such as Abbey Road. We get to see the reaction of the onlookers as they watch the group’s eccentric dance moves. Official website: Facebook: Twitter:... Read More

November 20, 2014

Sound Horizon, Attending First Overseas Event “AFA 2014″

Sound Horizon announced that they will be participating in the ANIME FESTIVAL ASIA 2014 SINGAPORE (AFA 2014), which will be held in December in Singapore. This will be the first time for them to participate an overseas event. On the night before the event of AFA 2014 (Dec. 4th), the screening of “Movie The Assorted Horizons”, the first memorial piece celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Sound Horizon’s major debut, and a special talk event by Revo. In the... Read More

November 19, 2014

Eir Aoi, Attending the Event in Indonesia

From Nov. 8th to the 9th, a large event called was held in Indonesia. Eir Aoi appeared on the second day of the event. In the heat of 34℃, Eir Aoi appeared in front of the audience, welcomed with great cheers from the crowd. She first performed “INNOCENCE”, used as the theme song in the TV anime “Sword Art Online”, then later the “Sirius”, the opening theme song of the TV anime “KILL la KILL”. HAI DAY2014 Set List SE~dawning 1.INNOCENCE 2.Sirius 3.KASUMI 4.Tsunagaru... Read More

November 18, 2014

Morning Musume. Live broadcast of Sayumi Michishige’s graduation concert confirmed

Morning Musume’s last show of their “Morning Musume’14 Concert Tour AKI GIVE ME MORE LOVE ~Sayumi Michishige SOTSUGYO KINEN Special” tour on November 26 at Yokohama Arena will be broadcast live in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea. This concert will be 8th group leader Sayumi Michishige’s final show with the group. The concert will be broadcast live in 29 movie theaters across Japan. The live viewings will also feature opening acts Juice=Juice and S/mileage as well as... Read More

November 17, 2014

Kameda and Yamamura & Sakai of flumpool form a new band. Full music video for “It’s Alright!” on YouTube.

Hot new band, THE TURTLES JAPAN, released a music video for “It’s Alright!” (November 19 release) on YouTube. THE TURTLES JAPAN are comprised of KAMEDA (producer Seiji Kameda), YAMAMURA (flumpool’s Ryuta Yamamura), and SAKAI (flumpool’s Kazuo Sakai). Their first single, “It’s Alright”, features SUGIMOTO (WEAVER’s Yuji Sugimoto) on piano and TAMADA (Tom Tamada) on drums. The avante-garde video shows the band in white clothes with white hair. The artificial... Read More

November 14, 2014

Japanese culture to Asia! KAWAII POP FES Taiwan show confirmed

“KAWAII” culture is becoming worldwide. Handpicked female idol groups that light up the scene are gathering overseas. The Hong Kong event in May 2013 was a huge success, so volume 2 was held in Taiwan. A second show was held in Hong Kong in June. KAWAII POP FES will return to Taiwan in January 2015. The event, which is also the overseas show of “@JAM”, attracts not only local fans, but fans from surrounding countries. Official Website:  Read More

November 13, 2014

Sakanaction’s latest visuals linked with Instagram

New artist visuals for the release of Sakanaction’s latest single “SAYONARA WA Emotion/HACHISU NO HANA” have been released. Wacky photos of the band’s recording sessions have been compiled on Sakanaction’s official Instagram account. There are a total of 87 photos including photos from the latest release. The more listeners that follow, the more photos can be shared. This is an innovative collaboration between photographer Koji Ota and Sakanaction where visual expression... Read More

November 12, 2014

fhána’s, first album release and first “one-man” show confirmed

fhána’s first album, “Outside of Melancholy”, will be released on February 4, 2015. Fhána has been drawing a lot of attention in the anime song scene. The band’ fifth single “HOSHIKUZU NO Interlude”, which is also the ending theme to TV anime “TENTAI NO Method”, will be released at noon on November 5. The full-size video for the song will also be released at the same time, so keep your eyes opened for that. fhána has also confirmed a March 1, 2015 (Sunday)... Read More