January 30, 2015

Japanese Hip Hop Scene’s Charismatic DJ, Deckstream, Has Published His Latest Music Video!

The “guru” in Japanese Hip Hop scene, DJ Deckstream has published his new music video “Most Beautiful In The World feat SEAMO & D.O” from his latest album “DRESS CODE”. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/blue-album-official The collaboration of SEAMO and D.O sounds like a dreams-come-true. Both SEAMO from Nagoya and D.O from Nerima devoted themselves to keeping their hood’s scene alive. They collaborated on the lyric on the theme of “Keeping your precious... Read More

January 30, 2015

Team Syachihoko’s first overseas concert confirmed

Team Syachihoko will play at “2nd Dalian Japan Brand” at WANDA Plaza, China on March 21 and 22. The free concert will be the group’s first overseas show ever. The event, which is to promote Japanese products and culture, starts in Dalian and will hit different locations. Various Japanese businesses and local governments will participate in the event 2nd Dalian Japan Brand March 21, 2015 (Saturday) Wanda Plaza, China 2nd Dalian Japan Brand special stage March 22, 2015... Read More

January 29, 2015

Angela’s “Fafner” promotional video in white, black and red

A short version of the video for angela’s new song, “Exist”, was released on the group’s official YouTube channel. Angela “Exist” promotional video (short ver.): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NY4ueJQNkLQ “Exist” is the opening theme to TV anime “SOKYU NO Fafner EXODUS”. A solemn string section rings out in this newly released video for this serious song. Atsuko (vocals) and KATSU (guitar) play on a monochrome stage, and the contrast of red water droplets... Read More

January 28, 2015

Japan Nite Showcase Set To Celebrate 20 Years At SXSW 2015

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Japan Nite, an annual showcase bringing artists from all corners of Japan to Austin. It has been a SXSW fixture since 1996, and has featured big-name Japanese acts such as Bonnie Pink, The Pillows and Chatmonchy along with dozens of artists hailing from across many genres. To celebrate two decades at SXSW, moumoon, The fin., QUORUM, TsuShiMaMiRe, Pirates Canoe, Samurai Dynamites and Mahoshojo-ni-naritai will perform at the Friday, March... Read More

January 28, 2015

Silent Siren’s first Nippon Budokan concert. Tour including overseas dates starts in April.

Girl band Silent Siren played their first Nippon Budokan show on January 17 as the tour finale of “Silent Siren Live Tour 2014→2015 Spring→Summer ~ Siren VS Silent ~”. During the show, the band announced their “Silent Siren Live Tour 2015 Spring→Summer ~ Siren VS Silent~”, starting in April 2015. The tour will consist of 19 shows in 15 locations, including Taiwan and Hong Kong. Concert information “Silent Siren Live Tour 2015 Spring→Summer ~ Siren... Read More

January 27, 2015

Momoiro Clover Z vs KISS, “YUMENO UKIYOI NI SAITEMINA” music video released

The music video for the Momoiro Clover Z and KISS collaborative single, “YUMENO UKIYO NI SAITEMINA”, was just released. The single will be released on January 28. KISS wrote and performed the music for the title track, “YUME NO UKIYONI SAITEMINA”. The music video was shot in Las Vegas last year, and the girls actually shot along with KISS. The first half of the video is animated by Sushioka and the last half is live-action. Masatsugu Nagasoe, who also directed “GOUNN”,... Read More

January 26, 2015

doa on Nico live on the day before album release

doa’s special program, “doa member NAMASHUTSUEN 9th Album ‘FLY HIGH’ Release KINEN TOKUBAN”, will air live on Tuesday, January 27 at 21:00. The special program is to commemorate the January 28 release of doa’s ninth album “FLY HIGH”. They will appear at Tokyo Niconico headcquaters satellite studio “Nicobukuro Studio” for a two-part program. doa videos will be played until 22:00. The members will then appear on the show at 22:00 and talk about the release... Read More

January 23, 2015

THE BAWDIES, Taiwan tour, add-on shows

THE BAWDIES’ add-on dates have been confirmed. THE BAWDIES rleasd their fifth majar album, “Boys!”, on December 3 or last year. They started their “one-man” 2104-2015 promotional tour on December 15. They played all over Japan and even performed songs for the first time. Add-on dates for the tour have just been announced. The add-on show will be on April 25 in Taiwan! It will be THE BAWDIES’s first show in Taiwan since October 2013. The last show was a great... Read More

January 23, 2015

Music video for “Tomorrow” released. Flower Reina Washio sings with singers from all over the world

Flower sings the theme song to the Japanese dubbed version of the movie “Annie”. A music video with her singing “Tomorrow” along with singers from all over the world (Belgium / Germany / Spain / France / Netherlands / Japan) was just released. In the music video, singers and voice actors from around the world are edited together in alternate verses. The following are the singers for “Tomorrow” Around The World in order of appearance. Belgium: LANI LAUWERS (actress... Read More

January 22, 2015

X JAPAN fans are No.1 in American popular vote

X JAPAN is currently in the No.1 spot for “2014 Most Devoted Fans” popular vote for America’s Loudwire. 2014 Most Devoted Fans: http://loudwire.com/most-devoted-fans-2014-4th-annual-loudwire-music-awards/ Last time, a “CAGE MATCH” fan battle was held where X Japan went head-to-head against In Flames, Jane’s Addiction, Bush, The Used, and Black Veil Brides. They won five straight online battles. This time seems the same in that X Japan is significantly surpassing... Read More