June 29, 2016

Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku going to Taiwan in Summer, Performing at a Rock Music Festival “NO FEAT FESTIVAL”

Shiritsu Esbisu Chugaku is going to perform at “No Fear Festival 2016” to be held in Taichung City on the 27th and 28th of August. “NO FEAR FESTIVAL 2016” is a free rock festival held at outdoor stages. Ebichu will perform on August 28th . NO FEAR FESTIVAL 2016 August 27th 2016 (Sat) Taichung Taiwan Wen-Xin Forest Park & Fulfillment Amphitheatre August 28th 2016 (Sun) Taichung Taiwan Wen-Xin Forest Park & Fulfillment Amphitheatre Official Website: http://official.stardust.co.jp/ebichu/ Blog:... Read More

June 28, 2016

Silent Siren Going on to a World Tour for Six Cities in Five Countries.

Silent Siren announced that they are going on to a world tour to six cities in five countries. The tour is scheduled to go to six cities including Jakarta, Shanghai, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Taiwan and Hong Kong during September and October. SILENT SIREN S WORLD TOUR 2016 September 9th (Fri) Jakarta Indonesia September 24th (Fri) Shanghai China September 30th (Fri) Los Angeles US October 2nd (Sun) San Francisco US October 8th (Sat) Taiwan October 10th (Mon) Hong Kong ※... Read More

June 27, 2016

Da-iCE Charmed 2,000 Fans at Their First Show in US

Da-iCE performed at “FanimeCon2016”, making their performance debut in US. The show was held at City National Civic in San Jose. The boys charmed about 2000 fans gathered at the venue. The show as as long as 90 minute with 20 songs. They brought the energy to the climax with songs such as BOMB, Cynical life, WATCH OUT and Yudai and Sota’s gentle voices harmonized together at the hall on “A WHOLE NEW WORLD”. UNIVERSAL MUSIC: http://www.universal-music.co.jp/da-ice Official... Read More

June 25, 2016

X JAPAN Documentary “We Are X” Screened at Film Festivals around the World

Following its screening at the Seattle International Film Festival, Moscow Beats Film Festival, the film also made its way into Shanghai International Film Festival “We Are X” media tour continues, Yoshiki to appear at Guanajuato International Film Festival X JAPAN’s documentary “We Are X” has been nominated for numerous competitions at various renowned film festivals around the world. The film was recently screened at Seattle International Film Festival which ran... Read More

June 25, 2016

Versailles revealed their new artist photo and make their full coming back

Versailles, who announced their full coming back in 2015, has revealed their new artist photo toward the fans all around the world. They hold their premium show case live at Zepp Divercity on June 25 and full come back show at Maihama Amphi Theater on August 7th. Versailles “Chateau de Versailles” 2016 August 7th (Sun) Maihama Amphi Theater OPEN 16:15 / START 17:00 Price 7,800yen(tax-in) *All seats reserved Versailles 9th Anniversary Premium Show Case 2016 June 25th... Read More

June 24, 2016

T.M.R., JAM, FLOW, and LOVE LIVE!Sunshine!! Are to Perform at US “Anisong Matsuri”.

An anime song festival “Anisong World Matsuri “ is to be held in Los Angeles US on July 2nd and 3rd (local time) “Anisong World Matsuri” is a spin-off version of an Anime convention “ Anime Expo 2016” held in Los Angeles as well. Aqour, a voice actor group who perform in the anime, will perform at the event of “LOVE LIVE! SUNSHINE!!” held at Los Angeles Convention Center. At Microsoft Theater, “Japan Super Live” featured performances by T.M.Revolution, JAM... Read More

June 23, 2016

BOOM BOOM SATELLITES Releasing a New 4-Track CD Internationally.

BOOM BOOM SATELLITES is going to release a new CD “LAY YOUR HANDS ON ME” on June 22nd. This will also be distributed as downloads internationally. The title track “LAY YOUR HANDS ON ME” is written as the opening theme song for a TV anime “Kiznaiver”. Other tracks are “STARS AND CLOUDS”, “FLARE” and ”NARCOSIS”. Nakao revealed on his Twitter that this will be their last piece and made a comment, saying “Me and Kawashima have never felt this much accomplishment... Read More

June 22, 2016

Eight Japanese and Chinese Acts, Including 9nine, Performed at “@JAM” Shanghai Concert.

“@JAM in Shanghai 2016” was held at Shanghai Repulse Bay Art Center, and total of eight artists gave excellent performances. “@JAM in Shanghai” was also held last year in June at the same venue. This time, the event grew bigger inviting every♡ing!, TOKYO GIRL’S STYLE, Tominaga TOMMY Hiroaki, 9nine, PASSPO☆, Wa-sta joined by local idol groups Lunar and ATF. Official Website: http://at-jam.jp/shanghai2016/ Related posts:PASSPO☆ enjoys first oversea tour on charter... Read More

June 17, 2016

Team Shachihoko Lands on Taiwan for the First Time

Team Shachihoko is going to give a free solo concert at Syntrend 5F CLAPPER STUDIO on June 25th in Taiwan. Team Shachihoko was planing to shoot a TV show for the first time in Taiwan but due to the earthquake which happened in Taiwan, they had to cancel it. Now for the first time they are visiting Taiwan to give free concert divided into two parts and on the next day, they will perform at “Japanese Tourism and Products Fair 2016”. Team Shachihoko in Taiwan June 25th 2016... Read More

June 16, 2016

ONE OK ROCK Tours with 5 Seconds of Summer in US and Canada.

ONE OK ROCK is going to tour with 5 Seconds of Summer throughout their “SOUND LIVE FEELS LIVE”, which opens on June 30th at Mohegan Sun Arena, Connecticut US. They will share 22 stages from June 30th till July 31st. For the tour, they will collaborate not only with the main act 5 Seconds of Summer but also with Hey Violet. 5 Seconds of Summer “SOUNDS LIVE FEELS LIVE” *ONE OK ROCK’s Schedule Only June 30th 2016 (Thurs) Connecticut US, Mohegan Sun Arena July... Read More