Purple Days

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Purple Days is Japanese boys band produced by Tetsuya Komuro and was introduced to auditory on 27of November 2007 (not sure if I get this part correct)

Band members:
Vocal – Yoshida Wataru, 17 August 1986, Tokyo
Guitar – Suzuki Toshihiko, 11 March 1987, Kanagawa
Keyboard – Ishizaka Shota, 12 August 1986, Kanagawa

「BRANDNEW DAYS」 (Debut Single) released on 17 February 2010
「SERENDIPITY」 (1st album) released on 17 March 2010
「Still think of you」 (2nd Single) released on 17 November 2010
「Anata wo Wasurete Ikeruyouni」 (3rd single) released on 4 May 2011

Official Website: http://purple-days.jp/
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/avexnetwork#grid/user/B64E017BB4B85518
Twitter Shota: http://twitter.com/PurpleDaysShota
Twitter Wataru: http://twitter.com/pdwataru
Twitter Toshihiko: http://twitter.com/purpledaystoshi
Facebook Shota: http://www.facebook.com/people/%E7%9F%B3%E5%9D%82%E7%BF%94%E5%A4%AA/100003457078865
Facebook Wataru: http://www.facebook.com/wataru.yoshida.712?ref=notif&notif_t=friend_confirmed

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