Aki Yashiro / Debut as Jazz Singer in 75 Countries

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Aki Yashiro’s jazz album “SONGS AROUND MIDNIGHT” will be simultaneously released on download service sites such as iTunes and Spotify in 75 countries. This is the biggest scale digital release by a Japanese artist in history. Aki Yashiro is about to unfold new chapters for her stage as “the queen of jazz” around the world.

The first track ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ has already been available as pre-release track since 9/26/2012. This number is a special track as it kindled her passion for jazz and it is also a signature repertoire for a popular American jazz singer Julie London. It has been a signature number for Aki Yashiro herself as since she started off as a club singer in 1960’s. This is definitely a must-listen album filled with special tracks and all-time favorites.

Release Information:
Release on 10/10/2012
UCCJ-2105 3,150 yen (tax in)

Official Website: http://yashiro.mirion.co.jp

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