MAN WITH A MISSION / Performance at Grand Ceremony of CoFesta 2012

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

MAN WITH A MISSION showcased their powerful performance at the grand ceremony of CoFesta 2012 held at Zepp DiverCity in Odaiba on 10/24, along with Nogizaka 46 in front of an audience of 1,200.

As the opening act, MAN WITH A MISSION performed ‘Wabi, Sabi, Wasabi’ and ‘FLY AGAIN’ in front of an unusual audience consisted of executive affiliates of contents business in and outside of Japan.

Right before their stage, Mr. Takayuki Matsutani, the vice chairman of CoFesta, treated the hungry wolves to sukiyaki to pump up their energy. Jean-Ken Johnny was more than happy to interact with the members of Nogizaka 46 who couldn’t help but touch his underbite chin in the backstage. He expressed his joy of being able to perform at CoFesta, “IT WAS OUR VERY FIRST TIME TO PERFORM IN FRONT OF ‘BIG’ PEOPLE AND IT WAS SUCH AN HONOR AND FUN EXPERIENCE!!” He then stated, “WE ALSO WANT TO MAKE MORE FANS IN THE US, ASIA AND ALL THE WAY IN SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE… AND ALL AROUND THE WORLD!!” as he shared his dream of taking over the world with MAN WITH A MISSION’s music.

CoFesta 2012: CoFesta (JAPAN INTERNATIONAL CONTENTS FESTIVAL) is the world’s largest comprehensive contents festival. The events associated with the contents industry such as games, animation, manga, characters, broadcasting, music and film are held in cooperation with one another.
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