Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mixing tribal music from Tibet and Indonesia and sounds of children’svoices with a touch of soul, he creates influential melodies bychipping and editing the sounds. A mix of synthesizer sounds whichintertwines with a unique chord, he creates an intense beat that fitsin the breakcore genre.
From Acid House to Amen Break, and Hip Hop to Fusion, he linkskeywords together to produce new sounds for the Electric Scene. Aunique individual with his original style, known as DE DE MOUSE.His concert style consists of individuality and is full of energy,with a creative imagination and aggressive band ensembles whichincludes twin drums; he dramatically edits dance remixes to produceone-a-kind soundtracks.
Being a DJ is not his only act, though–he also collaborates with manyartists and creators from all over the world in the fashion, game, andgraphic industry.

Oct 2008 ASAGIRI JAM w/Flying Lotus, The Skatalites
Feb 2009 CD+LIVE DVD “sunset girls remixes & more” feat. Senor
Coconut/i am robot and proud…
Mar 2009 L’EX JAPON@CLUB ODEON, Nimes, France
May 2009 British tour (Brighton, Manchester, London, Liverpool)
June 2009 taicoclub’09 w/squarepusher, Ricardo Villalobos
Aug 2009 MAGICAL CAMP w/PEST(Ninja Tune)
Nov 2009 Short Europe tour(Lyon”Club La Marquise, Paris”TIME”, London”Xkings”)
Apr 2010 3rd album”A journey to freedom”
with remixes released on the same day.(※degital only)
(remixed by Hudson Mohawke, Plaid, Ceephax, A GUY CALLED GERALD, NeilLandstrumm, Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve, GOLD PANDA)
July 2010 taicoclub’10 w/Autechre, Ben Klock, Matthew Herbert
Sep 2010 NEUTRAL NATION 2010 w/GANG GANG DANCE, clammbon, toe, DJ KENTARO
Apr 2011 SonarSound Tokyo

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