Takajo and Nakagawa of JKT48 perform Indonesian version of “Heavy Rotation” with additional members

Thursday, November 22, 2012

On November 4, Aki Takajo and Haruka Nakagawa, who transferred to the group, JKT48 from AKB48 on November 1, made their first talk show appearance as members of JKT4811, at the AKB48 Cafe & Shop Akihabara.

Four members of the Jakarta-based JKT48 visited Japan for this event to interact with fans in programs like “JKT48 Action Intro Corner,” “Artist’s Corner,” and “Indonesian/Japanese Quiz Corner.” It was a memorable day for Takajo and Nakagawa, getting to make their official stage debut with JKT48 in front of a home crowd, capping off the event with a performance of the Indonesian-language version of the hit song, “Heavy Rotation”.

A video of this event has been uploaded to the JKT48 official YouTube channel.

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