exist†trace / Live Report of “Be My Virgin” & Participation in A-Kon 2013

Saturday, November 24, 2012

exist†trace’s final live of “ONE MAN TOUR -Be My Virgin-” was held on 11/11/2012(Sun) at Shibuya WWW. Away from the cold rain outside, the heat was rising inside as the audience waited in great excitement. The stage began with all members facing one another around Mally and then scattered off to each position as they performed ‘WONDERLAND’ and ‘Daybreak~13-gatsu no Shikisai’ in full power. As Jyou welcomed everyone and promised that they will “take everyone beyond the limits” just like the lyrics in ‘TRUE’ say, the audience jumped, swung their heads and fists up in the air through the next numbers, ‘TRUE’ and ‘Honnou.’ Jyou challenged the audience by saying, “This is just the beginning. Can you handle it? Are you with us?” and the audience sure did respond with full interaction as the stage moved on to ‘JUDEA,’ a number that carries exist†trace’s history with it. Everyone gently rocked to the guitar tunes for ‘Futatsu no Koe’ and ‘Keiyaku’ silently in crimson darkness.

The stage took a dramatic turn and the atmosphere resembled that of a musical theater with props on stage and change of costumes. In ‘Little Mary to Utsukushiki Nikushimi no Danube,’ Jyou acted out the role of a queen with a troubled soul and miko the daughter, Mary. Also in ‘Anata’ and ‘KISS IN THE DARK,’ Jyou acted out the character of a woman portrayed through each song. Jyou certainly has found various ways to express herself as she cultivated the characters of each song through such stage with a touch of musical shows. Upon Jyou’s exit after ‘KISS IN THE DARK,’ the rest of members performed the cover of the theme song for “Lupin the Third.” As Jyou returned to stage for ‘GINGER,’ the audience danced and clapped to the rhythm in full smiles.

When introducing the first new song, Jyou confessed, “We wrote this song to express a pure feeling in our hearts. I’ll sing for you all whom we truly love, so I want you to think about your loved ones as you listen to this song.’ With Jyou’s voice accompanied by miko’s chorus, ‘Shabon no Tegami’ caressed everyone’s ears and touched their hearts softly. The second new song ‘RAZE’ put the audience right back into an active, powerful head-banging crowd with its loud rock sounds. Heavy numbers continued on with ‘VANGUARD’ and ‘liquid’ followed by upbeat numbers ‘HONEY’ and ‘Signal.’ After thanking the audience for coming out to the final live of “Be My Virgin” tour, the main stage came to a quiet end with the last number ‘SORA.’

After countless encore calls, the members finally returned to stage to perform their third new song ‘SHINE.’ Jyou introduced the song as “such a brilliant song” composed by Omi that she wrote the lyrics in hopes that everyone who listens to the song would, too, “shine.” Followed by ‘Orleans no Shoujo’ and ‘Cradle,’ the encore session drew the curtain with Jyou’s expression of gratitude not only for everyone who came out to the live, but also all the fans around the world love exist†trace.

exist†trace has always been in search of new ways of expression that can be best performed in their own unique way and there is no doubt that they’re on the right track. With their ever-evolving performances and magical touches of entertainment, they continue to mesmerize the audiences in and outside of Japan! In addition to the live schedule of “19′z Premium Party. 04” on 1/9/2013 and “Tomeihan (Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka) Circuit” next March, exist†trace will participate in “A-Kon 2013″ one of the 5 biggest Japanese culture conventions. exist†trace’s appearance at A-Kon will mark the band’s first visit to Texas, miko spent 2 years living in the city of Dallas during her childhood. They will not only have a live performance, but also interact with fans trough autograph session and Q&A fan meeting, so don’t miss out!!

Event Information:
“A-Kon 2013″
Date: 5/31(Fri)〜6/2/2013(Sun)
Venue: Dallas, Texas / Hillton Anatole Hotel
A-Kon Website: http://www.a-kon.com/
*More information will be updated soon.

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