moumoon will perform live 7 days in a row – a first in the history of Nikoniko Live.

Friday, January 25, 2013


moumoon, who are releasing their new album “PAIN KILLER” on the 30th January, have announced a series of live performances on 7 consecutive days “moumoon 7 days continuous live! – Pain, pain go away, fly awaaayyyyy!-“, which is a first attempt in the history of Nikoniko live.

This project involves individually directed live performances on every day from 21st january for 7 days on Nikoniko Live. This is officially a first attempt on Nikoniko Live and will also break moumoon’s record of longest consecutive days of live performances.

For the last two years, moumoon have been broadcasting their gig , which they have held every month on the night of the full moon every month since their debut, live on Nikoniko Live. Their wishes to have more people watching their gigs and the wishes of Nikoniko Live’s viewers to watch more of the band, who are popular on Nikoniko Live, have made this 7 day live a reality.

broadast schedule
– 21st January 8pm –

– 22nd January 8pm –
*Nikoniko head office viewing (users with reservations only, first come first served.)
* For details, please see program page.
– 1st January 7pm –

– 24th January 8pm-
*Fan club members’ limited viewing (application deadline 20th January 11.59pm).
* Please view fan club site “moon base station” for details.
– 25th January 8pm –
* There is a USTREAM broadcast on the 25th only.

-26th January 8pm –
-27th Januray 10pm –

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