DVD Release of “BEING LEGEND Live Tour 2012″ Featuring T-BOLAN, DEEN, B.B.Queens & FIELD OF VIEW

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Memorable scenes of “BEING LEGEND Live Tour 2012″ featuring legendary, top-ranking artists of 1990’s will be released on a DVD on 4/10/2013(Wed)! This tour featured T-BOLAN with all original members performing together after 13 long years, as well as DEEN, FIELD OF VIEW and B.B.Queens in a total of 19 lives around 17 locations.

The DVD of “BEING LEGEND Live Tour 2012″ includes a full coverage of the tour final lives on 11/28 & 29 held at Omiya Sonic City.

Release Information:
DVD [“BEING LEGEND”Live Tour 2012 -T-BOLAN,B.B.QUEENS,FIELD OF VIEW Special Guest DEEN-] Release Date: 4/10/2013(Wed)
Product #: JBBS-5008〜9
Price: 5,200 yen(tax in)
Special bonus item included: Staff pass (replica)

Arashi Morimoto
Official Website: http://www.moritomo-arashi.jp/pc/top.asp
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Official Website: http://www.deen.gr.jp/

Official Website: http://b-b-queens.com/


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