Hemenway / 2nd Single of 10 Consecutive Monthly Releases

Friday, February 8, 2013


As the 2nd single of the 10 consecutive monthly release series, Hemenway is brining you a new song with a special message. To be released on 2/27/2013, the new single “Inori” (means ‘prayer’ in Japanese) was written by Charm with an inspiration to encourage those who suffered from the disasters of the Great East Japan Earthquake that broke out on 3/11/2011. Strong feelings of compassion and encouragement make up an earnest prayer throughout this song as it sends out a hopeful message of “You’re not alone and there will be a brighter tomorrow even if it may take a little time.” Hemenway will perform this new song for the first time at the first live of the 10 consecutive live series on 2/13 at shibuya eggman.

If you can’t make it in person to their live, mark your calendar and tune in to “Hemenway Street Vol. 7” to meet Hemenway online on 2/27/2013. They will talk about the new release “Inori” as well as interact with viewers during the live streaming. Hemenway will continue on with their 10 consecutive monthly releases, so keep your eyes on their future releases!

Release Information:

Release Date: 2/27/2013(Wed)
*Digital release only
*Worldwide links will be updated at a later date

Live Streaming Program Information:
“Hemenway Street Vol. 7” on STOLABO TOKYO USTREAM
Date & Time: 2/27/2013(Wed) 21:00~ (JST/Estimated)
Live Streaming URL: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/stolabo-tokyo
STOLABO TOKYO Website: http://www.stolabo-tokyo.com/
*Twitter hashtag: #Hemenway

Live Information:
Date: 2/13/2013(Wed)
Venue: shibuya eggman
Time: OPEN 18:00 / START 18:30
Ticket Price: Presale 2,500 yen / At-door 2,800 yen
*Tax included / 1 drink minimum

“BEA × Zepp Fukuoka presents F-X”
Date: 2/23/2013(Sat)
Time: OPEN 11:00 / START 13:00
Venue: Zepp Fukuoka
Ticket Price: Presale 1F 4,500 yen / 2F reserved 5,500 yen (1 drink minimum)
Info: BEA 092-712-4221
(Mon-Fri 11:00~18:00 / 2nd+4th Sat 11:00~15:00 / Japanese only)
BEA Website: http://www.bea-net.com/FX/

Event Live in Okayama
Date: 3/1/2013(Fri)
Time: OPEN 18:00 / START 18:30

“Double Daichi Dai-Fever”
Date: 3/2/2013(Sat)
Time: OPEN 17:00 / START 17:30
Venue: AZTiC laughs / Yonago, Tottori
Lineup: Hemenway, chaqq, FIRST THINGS FIRST, THE TRUST BLAST, etc.

Date: 3/3/2013(Sun)
Time: OPEN 17:00 / START 17:30
Venue: AZTiC canova / Matsue, Shimane
Lineup: Hemenway, chaqq, FIRST THINGS FIRST, THE TRUST BLAST, etc.
[“SANUKI ROCK COLOSSEUM” ~BUSTA CUP 4th round~] Date: 3/20/2013(Wed/Holiday)
Venue: TBA / Kagawa

Official Website: http://www.hemenway.jp
Official Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Hemenway_jp
Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Hemenway.Official

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