L’Arc-en-Ciel / DVD & Blu-ray Release of World Tour Final Live

Friday, February 15, 2013


L’Arc-en-Ciel is releasing a new DVD/Blu-ray of “20th L’Anniversary WORLD TOUR 2012 THE FINAL LIVE at National Stadium” on 3/20/2013. This DVD/Blu-ray features the memorable scenes from the final live of L’Arc-en-Ciel’s world tour held at National Stadium in Tokyo in May last year. L’Arc-en-Ciel is proud to bring three ‘firsts’ with this phenomenal release. The final live of L’Arc-en-Ciel ‘s world tour was the very ‘first’ time for a rock band to hold a live at National Stadium. Also, this is the very ‘first’ Blu-ray release for them. Lastly, this is their ‘first’ release with 13 different editions (WOW!). Are you ready for the details?

A special page has been set up on Larcom.net and more exciting contents are coming soon to count the days to the release date of this DVD/Blu-ray. Keep a close eye on more contents to come and join the countdown for this special release!

Release Information:
“20th L’Anniversary WORLD TOUR 2012 THE FINAL LIVE at National Stadium”
Release Date: 3/20/2013
Release Types: Blu-ray/DVD
Release Info: http://www.larc-en-ciel.com/en/index2.html (English)
Special Page: http://www.larcom.net/worldtour2012final/index.html (Japanese)

[Blu-ray/1st Limited Edition] 11,970 yen (tax in) / KSXL 31-32
Larc DVD_Blu-Ray_Limited

Features: Special package, 4 multi-angle songs (GOOD LUCK MY WAY / Driver’s High / CHASE / Niji), WORLD’S BEST SELECTION(CD), picture label / linear PCM/STEREO(24bit 48kHz), DTS-HD Master Audio/5.1ch surround(16bit 48kHz)

[Blu-ray/Regular Edition] 9,240 yen (tax in) / KSXL 33
Larc Blu-ray_Reg

Features: Blu-ray disc only, PCM/STEREO(24bit 96kHz), DTS-HD Master Audio/5.1ch surround(24bit 96kHz)

[DVD/1st Limited Edition] 11,970 yen (tax in)
Larc DVD_Reg

+Hong Kong Live CD / KSBL 6050-6053
+Bangkok Live CD / KSBL 6054-6057
+Shanghai Live CD / KSBL 6058-6061
+Taipei Live CD / KSBL 6062-6065
+London Live CD / KSBL 6066-6069
+Paris Live CD / KSBL 6070-6073
+Singapore Live CD / KSBL 6074-6077
+Jakarta Live CD / KSBL 6078-6081
+Seoul Live CD / KSBL 6082-6085
+Honolulu Live CD / KSBL 6086-89
Features: Set of 2 DVDs & 2 CDs*, special package, live photo book, exclusive live photo book**, picture label

*Same DVDs and WORLD’S BEST SELECTION(CD) are included in all editions (KSBL 6050-6089) and 1 special CD featuring the designated city in each edition (i.e. KSBL 6050-6053/Hong Kong includes “Live in Hong Kong” CD)
**Exclusive live photo book features the designated city in each edition
(i.e. 6050-6053/Hong Kong includes “Live in Hong Kong” photo book)

Official Website: http://www.larc-en-ciel.com
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/larcenciel
LArcom.net: http://www.larcom.net
20th L’Anniversary: http://www.larc-en-ciel.com/en/information/20th/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/LArc-en-Ciel/139185632806476
Twitter: http://twitter.com/LArc_official

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