Artist Lineup for “The 3rd Hong Kong Asian-Pop Music Festival”

Monday, March 11, 2013


“The 3rd Hong Kong Asian-Pop Music Festival(HKAMF),” hosted by IFPI Hong Kong Group, will be held at Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center on 3/22/2013. Supported by the Hong Kong government, music associations of 7 East Asian countries (Japan, China, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong) will come together under the theme of “Music in One Asia.”

BREATHE, a male unit who debuted in 2011, will participate in this festival to represent Japan. KEITA, the main vocalist of w-inds. who started his solo project, will also participate as a guest artist.

Event Information:
“The 3rd Hong Kong Asian-Pop Music Festival”
Hosted by IFPI Hong Kong Group
Date & Time: 3/22/2013(Fri) 19:30~22:00(local time)
Venue: Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center( HKCEC)
Ticket: Free tickets available on the official website (
[Artist Lineup] Japan: BREATHE, KEITA
China: M.I.C, MoMo Wu(吴莫愁) & Li Dai Mo(李代沫) from “The Voice of China (中国好声音)”
Malaysia: MOJO, Aniu(阿牛)
Singapore: MICappella, Kit Chan(陳潔儀)
Taiwan: Yu Chia Tseng(曾昱嘉), Aaron Yan(炎亞綸)
Hong Kong: Sita Chan(陳僖儀), Kay Tse(謝安琪)

HKAMF Official Website:



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