J-Rock bands DAZZLE VISION and CANTOY set concert record at Tekkoshocon 2013

Monday, April 15, 2013


April 11, 2013 — Japanese rock and metal bands DAZZLE VISION and CANTOY set the record for the highest-ever concert attendance at Japanese pop culture event Tekkoshocon last week, with 1100 fans attending the live performance at Pittsburgh’s David L. Lawrence Convention Center during the April 5-7 weekend.

RMMS-CANTOY-Tekkoshocon-2013-A RMMS-CANTOY-Tekkoshocon-2013-B

The concert was headlined by screamo band DAZZLE VISION, whose lead singer Maiko challenged the audience with “Show me what you got!” before launching into her trademark death-voice howls. It was DAZZLE VISION’s second live concert in America, following an appearance at Sakura-Con in 2010. The band embraced the anime lovers at the event by cosplaying as characters from One Piece and taking a surprise stroll of the convention center before the live show began. Bassist Takuro made the connection even more personal by diving into the large crowd and crowd-surfing with the aid of Tekkoshocon attendees.

Japanese punk metal band CANTOY opened the show with their hit “Samurai Girl,” and lead singer miri-pow pounded back a can of Pittsburgh’s Iron City beer during their non-stop, high-energy performance. Tekkoshocon marked CANTOY’s first performance in America, and guitarist Catherine led the young crowd to create a swirling mosh pit during the set.

RMMS-DAZZLE-VISION-Tekkoshocon-2013-B RMMS-DAZZLE-VISION-Tekkoshocon-2013-One-Piece-A

DAZZLE VISION and CANTOY were both called back for encores during the concert, and spent an hour after the show meeting fans and signing autographs. The bands performed a second concert the following day at Pittsburgh’s Hard Rock Cafe for a packed house of 150 Tekkoshocon volunteers and special badge holders.

Tekkoshocon comment video

DAZZLE VISION homepage – http://dazzlevision.net
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/dazzlevision2010

Tekkoshocon comment video

CANTOY homepage – http://cantoy.jp
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/cantoy.official


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