LITE Releases New Full Album In 2 Years

Monday, April 29, 2013


LITE will be releasing their 4th full album “Installation” on June 5th from their own record label “I Want The Moon”.

This album that follows the album released 2 years ago called “For all the innocence”, has been recorded in two countries, Japan and America. This new album contains their original technical and emotional riff and melody along with a new electric music element by using a synthesizer. We recommend that you compare this new album with their old ones.

Kaoru Mitsuura who was the engineer for their past albums such as “For all the innocence” and “Past, Present, Future”, also worked on the new album as an engineer and used his incredible technical skills to create a song with killer tunes called, “Bond” that will also be included in the album.

They have also released their LIVE DVD “APPROACHES II” on April 17th and will have a concert in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, which will be their first in a year and a half. So far, the dates for the following shows have been determined: June 27th -Umeda Shangri-La, June 28th – Nagoya APOLLO THEATER, and June 29th – Ebisu LIQUIDROOM.

Tickets are now on sale.

4th album “Installation”
Released June 5th, 2013 / 2,300 JPY (tax included)
IWTM-1005 I Want The Moon
1. Echolocation
2. Hunger
3. Alter ego
4. Between us
5. Starry night
6. Bond
7. Fog up
8. Starry morning
9. Subaru10.Nomad

Released April 17th, 2013
IWTM-1004 / 2,500 JPY (tax included)
* Limited 1,000 production
Includes: SXSW Live Download Address
2.Human Gift
4.I Miss Seeing All
5.Ripple Spread
6.Past Three Days
7.Infinite Mirror
10.Red Horse in Blue
11.Image Game
13.The Sun Sank
14.Perican Watched As The Sun Sank
15.Duck Follows an Eccentric
16.Pirates and Parakeets
17.Ghost Dance
18.100 Million rainbows
19.7day Cicada
22.Contemporary Disease
Bonus Movie: US TOUR 2012 Documentary

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