SID and flumpool Global Live Performance From Singapore! “J-ROCK MATTERS presented by BARKS”

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


◆ flumpool and SID will perform at “Music Matters 2013”
“Music Matters 2013”, which lines up with “MIDEM” and “SXSW” as the top international music trade fairs, will be held at the Clark Quay “The Ritz Carlton Singapore” in Singapore from May 21st ~ May 25th, 2013.

Music from Canada, Australia, Korea, UK, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines, and etc. will be featured at this international music conference in which from Japan flumpool and SID will attend to have a J-ROCK performance in Singapore geared towards the world.

◆ “J-ROCK MATTERS presented by BARKS” will start at 9pm on May 23rd.
Following this at 11pm, the 3 bands including WEAVER will perform a secret gig!
This live event, “J-ROCK MATTERS presented by BARKS”, will be held on Thursday, May 23rd from 9pm, the day before a national holiday in Singapore, as a JAPAN SHOWCASE. With the help from Singapore, this event will be held on the main stage that has the capacity to hold 15,000 people. On the day of the event, the event will be streamed live on YouTube. Since this event is admired by music industries around the world, it has gained recognition not only in Asia but also globally, and we estimate that the YouTube streaming will have more views than last year’s 200,000 views.
Also, switching locations to the Beer Market, on the same day starting at 11pm, WEAVER will join flumpool and SID to have an exclusive invite-only event where they will perform a secret gig.

◆ BARKS will releases their new Chinese version website starting May 23rd!
As the music website, BARKS, who is holding the event, strives to spread knowledge about Japanese artist and their charm to the world, BARKS has released their English version website starting April 12th (, and will release the Chinese version website the day before this event takes place. As the main media that will be bringing information about Japan’s music scene to the world, the event “J-ROCK MATTERS presented by BARKS” expresses the willingness to support Japanese artists advance in the world. They are currently trying to broadcast the event on various Asian TV stations, creating an advance for Japanese artists that will not only end with this, but one in which this will create a support foundation and a starting point for more exposure and success to come.

◆ What is “MUSIC MATTERS”?
“MUSIC MATTERS” is a music business convention for Asia that will feature keynote speakers, panel discussions, various showcases, and other programs where important people from the music industry worldwide gather together, in which Japanese artists had never been showcased in the past. K-POP has taken a lead by surprising the world with their successful performances, however, the Japanese music scene continues to gain high praise from the world for their quality and individuality. This event will be an opportunity to entice the global music and entertainment scene to Japanese artists and their music, and will serve as an important first step in order for them to advance globally.

“Japan is Asia Pacific’s largest music market and a close #2 behind the USA worldwide. It’s is also the world’s undisputed largest mobile music market so we absolutely delighted that BARKS have decided to host the first ever Japanese showcase at Music Matters. The three acts, SID, flumpool and Weaver are going to show Singapore and our global YouTube audience the very best of what Japan has to offer.”

Jasper Donat
President, Music Matters

May 21st ~ May 25th, 2013
1.DIGITAL MATTERS : 21 -22 May@The Ritz Carlton Singapore
2.MUSIC MATTERS :22 -24 May @The Ritz Carlton Singapore
3.MUSIC MATTERS LIVE :22-24 May @ Clark Quay

“J-ROCK MATTERS presented by BARKS”
May 23rd @ 9pm (10pm Japan time)
Performers: flumpool, SID
Location: Music Matters 2013 Main Stage

Contact information concerning the above information
Giraffa 6F 1-6-10 Hiro Shibuya-ku Tokyo
BARKS Editorial
TEL: 03-5447-3818 FAX: 03-5447-3819
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