Acid Black Cherry, First Japanese Artist To Be Chosen For TAIWAN SUZUKI’s Commercial Insert

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Acid Black Cherry

It has been revealed that Acid Black Cherry’s song will be featured as TAIWAN SUZUKI’s commercial song.

The song that was chosen to be featured in the commercial for TAIWAN SUZUKI’s “SWIFT”, is Acid Black Cherry’s 2010, 9th singles, “Re:birth”, which is also included in his newest album, “2012”. He will become the first Japanese artist to have a song featured in a commercial for TAIWAN SUZUKI.

Acid Black Cherry is rapidly gaining popularity in Taiwan, as all 3 of his original albums have been released there, and furthermore, due to popular demands in Taiwan, he has become one of the very few Japanese artists to release a visual work there (live DVD “Acid Black Cherry TOUR [2012]”).

This commercial began heavily broadcasting on Taiwanese TV and large electronic billboards in mid-April.

Acid Black Cherry will begin his nationwide new project, “Shangri-la” this summer.

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