May J. Advance Listening and Music Video for Cover Album Released

Thursday, May 16, 2013

may J

May J. announced a special advance listening for their cover album “Summer Ballad Covers” which will be released on June 19th, and they will also release their music video for “Precious”.

The songs that they revealed on their official website are five songs including “Precious”, “First Love”, “Shimauta”, “Natsumaturi”, and “Hanamizuki”.

“Precious”, “First Love”, and “Natsumaturi” are dramatic songs which feature an orchestra. On the other hand, in “Shimauta”, she sings emotionally along with a piano solo.
In addition, “Natsumaturi” is a remarkable song featuring a solo acoustic guitar and bass riffs along with her powerful singing.

Kosuke Oshima, who is known as the sound producer for MAN WITH A MISSION and May J. ‘s “Hanamizuki”, was in charge of producing this album.

Aside from Akira Onozuka who participates by playing the piano, KENJI JINO HINO who plays bass, Jay Stixx who plays drums, and other top musician participate in support of her.

Yozo who is popular among the reggae scene arranged the song “secret base”, GENTOUKI aka Jun Tanaka arranged “Shiroi kumo no you ni”, singer song writer SAEKIyouthK arranged “Naminori Johnny” and”Nagisa”. In this way, powerhouse musician were involved.

The music video that was released has succeeded in expressing May J.’s dynamic voice, while she sings with the blue sky and a magnificent castle in the background.

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