SIAM SHADE・DAITA, Makes an Advance to the States with the New Band

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


BREAKING ARROWS, a band created in the US by DAITA (G) of SIAM SHADE released their US debut single “TEARS FALLING HEAVY” today, May 15th (14th in the US) on AudioNest Label. The song is recorded in the album “BREAKING ARROWS” that will be on sale from June 18th in the US.

BREAKING ARROWS is a quartet band made up of DAITA, Francis Ten (B), Brendan Buckley (Dr), and Nik Frost (Vo), who had joined for the SIAM SHADE tribute album by overseas musicians, “SIAM SHADE Tribute”, released in 2010. The album “BREAKING ARROWS” was produced by Marti Frederiksen, the producer of “SIAM SHADE Tribute”, and who also worked on pieces of AEROSMITH, MR BIG and more.

Recorded Songs in the Japanese Version
01. Intro
02. Tears Falling Heavy
03. Down Low
04. Perfect Drug
05. Under your Influence
06. Hit Me Again
07. Breaking To Pieces
08. In Too Deep
09. Come Back Baby
10. 911
11. Broken Mona Lisa
12. Run
13. Never Stop Dreaming (Bonus Track limited to Japanese version)
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