Saturday, January 1, 2011


A quartet band consisting of GODRi (Dr.), SIN (B.), MAH (Vo.), and SHOW-HATE (Gt.). From Kanagawa Prefecture. The band was formed in November 2004, and after many lineup changes, the band became its current lineup in 2009. Their music has a punk/hardcore/screamo base with essences of ska and raggae. They call it “reggae-punk”. They have been working diligently on live performances and appeared in several large music festivals such as “Kyoto Daisakusen ‘08” and “PUNKSPRING ‘09”. Furthermore, has appeared on stage for live performances of overseas artists such as 311, ENTER SHIKARI, and SUM41 when they came to Japan on tour. In October 2011, released the 2nd full-length album “SEEDS OF HOPE”.

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