US- Japanese Big Appearance Together Come True with the 20 Year Anniversary Album, TLC x Namie Amuro

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


In the TLC 20 year anniversary of debut album, “TLC 20: 20th Anniversary Hits” which will be released ahead in Japan on June 19th, a collaboration of TLC and Namie Amuro came true. In the name of “TLC with Namie Amuro”, the song “Waterfalls (20th Anniversary Version)+” will be recorded in the album.Amuro participated in the new version of “Waterfalls”, the largest hit song that was in 1st place for seven weeks in a row on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1995. Amuro adds new arrangements and reinvigorates the part and climax that Left Eye was in charge of in the original version. This will be her first time to participate in a song of the international artist.

Tracklist of TLC “TLC 20 -20th Anniversary Hits-”
01. Waterfalls(20th Anniversary Version) + / TLC with Namie Amuro
02. No Scrubs +
03. Creep +
04. Baby-Baby-Baby +
05. Diggin On You +
06. Unpretty +
07. Waterfalls +
08. Unpretty(Acoustic)
09. Baby Baby Baby(Live)
10. Creep(Live)
11. Unpretty(Live)
12. Waterfalls(Live)
13. No Scrubs(Live)
plus newly recorded tracks

DVD(※ Limited to CD+DVD version)
01. Baby Baby Baby(Live)
02. Creep(Live)
03. Unpretty(Live)
04. Waterfalls(Live)
05. No Scrubs(Live)

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