Enjoy Network Japan “V-obsession” July 5 Broadcast / X-JAPAN Toshi to appear on Visual-Kei Radio Program

Thursday, July 4, 2013


From July 5 (Japan Time), Japan International Broadcasting’s overseas Internet radio station Enjoy Network Japan will be broadcasting their popular program “V-obsession” with an English Message from YOMI from the band NIGHTMARE.

NIGHTMARE will be performing at JAPAN EXPO this year, which will take place from July 4 to July 7 in Paris France. This will mark their first overseas performance and to mark that great event YOMI spoke with tons of enthusiasm. In the final part of the comment he tried his best to express himself in English to his overseas fans.

On the very same broadcast, V-Obsession received their first guest in the studio, Toshi from X-JAPAN. During the interview Toshi spoke English with the programs MC’s. He spoke about his concept album “CRYSTAL ROCK” which is currently on sale via iTunes and Amazon in 111 countries around the world. He also spoke in depth about the themes of the album such as eternal life and the many vicissitudes of that life.

Toshi actually commented about how he has “had to overcome many vicissitudes in life and from now on (he) would like to live a quite lifestyle.”

Though the English version of “CRYSTAL ROCK” is not on sale, Toshi brought it with him to the studio! Don’t miss the chance to hear this rare not yet for sale English version of the songs!

Enjoy Network Japan TOSHI

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Toshl official site http://toshi-samuraijapan.com
Nightmare official site http://www.nightmare-web.com


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