Mai Hagiwara from ℃-ute to appear on Billingal Internet Radio Station “ENJ”

Friday, July 5, 2013


Mai Hagiwara from ℃-ute appears on Bilingual Internet Radio program.

The program is “Idol Hour Hello! Project” on Enjoy Network Japan.( and she showed her surprising true face with our questions.

She spoke about other members in ℃-ute like there is a health geeks or talking about their obsession or about their family.
There are many episodes that only she could tell about the members.

Also she talked about start of her career of being Idol and ℃-ute’s new single “adam to eve no dilemma”.

She is 17 years old with full of Dreams.
Don’t miss “Idol Hour Hello! Project”. They introduce lot’s of allurements of her group ℃-ute!

The broadcast will be on July 6th (Sat.)

7/6 (Sat) JST.

Enjoy Idol Hour Hello! Project

ENJ Mai Hagiwara

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