The New Video by Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra and Takeshi Hosomi Published on YouTube

Friday, July 5, 2013


Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra’s title track from their new album”Diamond In Your Heart”, coming out on July 3rd, will be published on YouTube. The song features Takeshi Hosomi from the HIATUS as a guest vocal.

The video is based on the final night performance at Nagoya DIAMON HALL of their exclusive Tomeihan tour called “Aratanaru Yokubo”. On this night, Hoso made a guest appearance as a secret guest and the video was shot by a movie director UGICHIN. This is a rare footage of the song since the song has been performed at Main Stage of Coachella 2013 and in Mexico (Guadalajara and Mexico City) but not yet in Japan.

“Diamond In Your Heart”’s full length video will be featured in the bonus DVD of their new album coming out on July 3rd.

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