LoVendoЯ: first overseas concert in San Francisco

Friday, August 23, 2013


LoVendoЯ, led by Reina Tanaka, played their first overseas concert in San Francisco. Here is the official report.

There is a Japanese pop-culture festival called “J-Pop Summit Festival” every summer in San Francisco. On July 27, LoVendoЯ performed for “TOYOTAxSTUDIO 4˚C meets ANA LIVE” on the PEACE PLAZA outdoor stage. They played at the famous Union Square on the following day.

When the MC introduced the group, “For LoVendoЯ! Here we go!,” the energy that filled Union Square was so crazy that one could not tell it was an overseas show. As the four group members settled on stage, “KONO YO NI SHINJITSU NO AI GA ARUNARA,” a LoVendoЯ original, started playing and the voltage of the crowd maxed out.

LoVendoЯ performed “KYOU MADE SOSHITE ASHITAKARA,” “TADORI TSUITARA ITSUMO AMEFURI,” and “OMOUGAMAMA WO SHINJITE” off of their album, “Cover The Rock,” which they released in May. This tour was the first time they performed “OMOUGAMAMA WO SHINJITE” live.

The group could not contain their excitement of performing their first overseas concert. Reina Tanaka said, “Next is Europe and Morning Musume. We want to perform as LoVendoЯ in countries where we are supported. We will go anywhere to play if we are invited!” She expressed their desire to play all over the world in the future.

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