girugamesh- with the whole world in mind, a new music video is released!!

Friday, August 23, 2013


The rock band girugamesh will break their silence on September 11, releasing “INCOMPLETE,” their first single in 1 year. The music video will be available today on Facebook with English subtitles, and the regular version will also be available on Danger Crue Records’ YouTube channel.

The English subtitles on the “INCOMPLETE” video will allow it to be noticed by a multinational audience. girugamesh are using the occasion of their 10th anniversary to look globally, and this is the first step.

On July 22, the band performed “Free preview of girugamesh ‘absolute 0 decision’” at SHIBUYA WWW; a lot of overseas fans checked out the show live on Nico Nico Douga, adding comments in their own languages. The band’s music was literally flying all over the world.

Currently, you can buy tickets to the band’s first solo live show of the year at SHIBUYA-AX on October 13. Due to huge demand all of the regular tickets are sold out, but premium tickets are still available. Pre-orders close in 3 days, so don’t forget to check it out!

girugamesh OFFICIAL Facebook
DangerCrueRecords OFFICIAL YouTube

girugamesh ONEMAN LIVE “G#”
10/13/2013 (SUN) SHIBUYA-AX
OPEN 17:00 / START 18:00
【Ticket Price】1FStanding ・2F Seated
Preorder¥4,200 Same-day¥4,700(tax included, does not include drink)※children preschool age and younger will not be allowed entry
【Ticket regular orders】9/14/2013 (SAT)

NEW Single “INCOMPLETE” out 9/11/2013 (WEDS)
【First Edition】CD 1 Track + Bonus Tracks
XNDC-30042 / ¥500 (tax in)
2. 6th ALBUM『MONSTER』 trailer -demo ver.-

【Regular Edition】CD 4 tracks
XNDC-30043 / ¥1,575 (tax in)
2. Limit Break
3. takt


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