Shoko Nakagawa to Perform at One-man Concert in Hong Kong

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


The singer, voice actor, illustrator and fashion producer Shoko Nakagawa, also known as Shokotan, hosted her second one-man live concert in Hong Kong for the first time since her last performance in 2012. Shoko Nakagawa GIZA☆HONKONG was held at Music Zero @ E-Max starting 8 pm on July 28 local time.

Shokotan had prepared herself by studying Cantonese for this day and also through serving as friendship and tourism ambassador of Hong Kong. Right in the beginning as the intro from “Sorairo Days” started, she greeted in Cantonese, “Glad to see you all again, Hong Kong!”. 1000 fans cheered as Shokotan continued her MC session in Cantonese.

Anison medley including old and new popular anime songs of all time fueled up the fans and everyone sang in unity. During the show, there was a special talk session for fans and Shokotan interacted with fans while answering questions that she had received from the Hong Kong fans in advance. She was overwhelmed by the sincere message from fans, “Please come to Hong Kong again”.

The main part of the show included a premier performance of rock-n-roll song, “Rasberry Eclipse”, and followed by songs like “Tsuzuku Sekai” and “Zoku Konton”.

For encore session, everyone sang “Police Story” from the famous Jackie Chan, and “Sorairo Days Pekinese ver.” altogether, making the live show much more special and memorable than her last performance in 2012.

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It was the best live show in Hong Kong! It was far beyond language or space and time, we all enjoyed together singing and dancing, it was a chaotic concert. Hong Kong rocks! Everyone in Hong Kong is very kind and they understood my MC in Cantonese and they also sang with me in Japanese. I was also speechless to be able to sing Jackie’s “Police Story” with the young crowd! We all had fun swinging towels and singing together including the new song, which premiered at the show.
Hong Kong is where everything about me started, so I am truly grateful to the fact I can perform in Hong Kong again. Songs are like magic to join the hearts of people beyond everything. I hope to be able to sing more anime and rock songs wholeheartedly, and to visit countries I’ve never been to. I will sing hard from Japan and beyond! – Shoko Nakagawa

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