Yuya Matsushita’s Third Album, “#musicoverdose”, Distributed in 111 Countries, from His Own Label “Japanese Dream Records”, Ranked First in iTunes Top Sales Chart.

Saturday, August 31, 2013


Yuya Matsushita and “TUNECORE JAPAN” , which launched in Japan from US in October 2012, collaborated and released his third album”#musicoverdose” on August 28th (Wed) on 111 mp3 store, including iTunes Amazon MP3, Oricon Music Store and Tapnow.

His first EP from his own label “SWEET LOVE”, released on July 31st 2013 (Wed), ranked 1st in Amazon MP3 J-POP Bestseller ranking and ranked Top5 in iTunes Store R&B/Soul Chart, making a successful start of his label.

“#musicoverdose” came out only a month after the EP. Literally he meant that he is overdosed with music in his daily life in a good way and wants his fans to experience that with his new CD.

“#musicoverdose” ranked 1st in iTunes Top Sales Chart and R&B/Soul Chart. On Amazon MP3, the album stopped in best seller chart and took over from top to 13rd with songs from “#musicoverdose”.

▼Yuya Matsushita’s Official Website http://www.matsushitayuya.com
▼Yuya Matsushita’s blog http://ameblo.jp/matsushitayuya/
▼Yuya Matsushita’s Twitter https://twitter.com/U_staff

▼TUNECORE JAPAN http://www.tunecore.co.jp/
▼TUNECORE JAPAN Twitter https://twitter.com/TUNECOREjp
▼TUNECORE JAPAN Facebook https://www.facebook.com/tunecorejapan
▼TUNECORE JAPAN YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/TUNECOREjp

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