hide Live Documentary Film to be Screened in Ten Countries

Friday, September 6, 2013


It was previously announced that live documentary featuring footage of hide’s September 8, 1996 outdoor performance at Chiba Marine Stadium will be screened at movie theaters all over Japan. It has now been decided that this documentary film will be screened in ten countries all over the world.

“hide ALIVE THE MOVIE -hide Indian Summer Special Limited Edition-” will begin screenings on October 12, 2013. Following various offers from countries all over the world interested in showing the film, it was decided that the movie will be screened in ten countries.

The main portion of the film features hide’s thirteen-song performance from the outdoor event he produced on September 8, 1996 at Chiba Marine Stadium (now known as CHIBA QVC MARINE FIELD). It also features footage following in the footsteps of hide’s solo career. The full movie is about two hours worth of specially compiled footage.

The exciting performance left the audience with no time to take a breath as fireworks exploded and hide threw water and shot a laser gun at the crowd. The thirteen-song live performance is about ninety minutes of footage of hide’s only outdoor solo performance.

Although portions of this performance have previously been released as a digest video, this is the first time the whole performance will be available to the public. One cannot help but be surprised by hide’s foresight in holding an outdoor summer festival in 1996, almost 20 years ago, something that is now common practice in Japan. Even now, viewers can experience for themselves the way hide’s spirit lives on.

Official Website: http://www.hide-city.com/

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