Saturday, January 1, 2011


CHEESE CAKE is a 4-piece rock band formed in 2006 by Saki Iwabuchi (Pochi/Vo&G), Takayuki Ichinose (Icchi/G), Mika Tamura (Aneki/B) and Naosuke Kanayama (Gon/Dr) who went to same elementary and junior high schools in Kasuga City, Fukuoka Prefecture. After working on original songs and live performances, they released their 1st independent CD “CHEESE CAKE” in 6/2008. They hosted an event for the first time in 8/2008 and attracted much attention for their unique fusion of sounds so refreshing, yet somewhat sorrowful. They participated in various contests that year and won many different prizes. Their activities spread out nationwide from 3/2009 and won the second prize at “Senko Riot 2009.” They released their 1st single “Tsuyogari Mushi / Neguse” in 10/2009 and continued on with their live performances while making quality songs. This year, they made their debut with a single “Kanashimi no Blanco” in February and recently released their major 2nd single “Otononai Sekai no Usagi” in August.

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