INSPi’s Concert in Mexico!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Since their debut, INSPi has been throwing a concert in order to promote culture exchange. In 2013, INSPi is going to have concerts and workshops in Mexico City and Monterey.

INSPi has had a tour in countries such as Indonesia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Republic of Uzbekistan. This year, the tour goes all the way to Mexico City and Monterey for concerts and workshops. At Liceo Mexicano Japones, founded by Japanese and Mexican government, they will hold a workshop using Japanese nursery tales and “Aiueo” song for Middle and High School students. At the concert at Monterey University and Teatro María Teresa Montoya, they will bring the joy of Japanese songs through J-pop, Japanese folk , anime songs and a-Capella songs. They will also be singing an original song, written to convey the idea of heart crossing over national boundaries, “Kokoro no Nekko” in Spanish.

is a Japanese a-Capella choir group. (belonging to Wantanabe Entertainment) They made their debut in December 2001. They have been actively performing in and outside of Japan. They are also known for collaborating with Kazushi Miyazawa from THE BOOM and Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi. Since February, 2005, their voice has been on “Kono Ki Nan no Ki”, Hitachi’sTV commercial. They have a wide range of repertoire from originals to Pops, Jazz and traditional folks.

Japanese Language Workshop in Mexico. “Listen to Japanese Songs A-Capella”
[Performance] Time: September 18(Wed) 1PM-2PM for students up to high school.
Place: Liceo Mexicano Japones│ 
Time: September 19(Thurs) 8PM-9:30PM for general audience and Japanese students
Place: Monterey University
Time: September 21(Sat) 7PM-8:30PM for general audience and Japanese students
Place; Teatro María Teresa Montoya

[Workshop] Time: September 18(Wed) 9:30AM-11:25AM for students up to high school.
Place: Liceo Mexicano Japones│

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