Details for MAN WITH A MISSION’s First Single on Sony Music

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


MAN WITH A MISSION’s new single, “database feat.TAKUMA (10-FEET)” will be released on October 9. The band has now released new artists photos as well as images of the CD jacket.

As stated in the single’s title, MAN WITH A MISSION’s first release on Sony Music Records will be a collaboration with 10-FEET’s vocalist/guitarist TAKUMA.

The artist photos and CD jacket make a strong impact, the electronic feeling matching well with the concept of “database.” The somber color palate makes viewers imagine the start of the band’s new story.

Details about the coupling tracks have also been released. The second song, “your way,” is an impressive, high-tempo track with a relentless beat. The third song is a cover of Mr. Big’s “Green-Tinted Sixties Mind.” There are great expectations about how this world-famous song will be arranged by this pack of wolves. The fourth song is a remix of MAN WITH A MISSION’s first single, “distance.” Dj Starscream, also known as Sid from Slipknot, did the remix. The single includes four songs total.

The first-press limited edition of the single comes with a DVD of footage from the “MASH UP THE WORLD TOUR in Europe,” which took place in Europe in February and March of 2013.

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