DAMIJAW’s first live footage! Winter shows including the annual countdown-show have been announced!

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Janne Da Arc’s bassist ka-yu’s solo project, DAMIJAW, has released a DVD/Blu-ray titled DAMIJAW 47-prefecture tour “Be with You!!!!!2″ 5.17 O-EAST on September 25th.

This DVD/Blu-ray is based on the live footage of the final night of his 47-prefecture tour, DAMIJAW 47-prefecture tour “Be with You!!!!!2″5.17 O-EAST.
The the live footage is more than 3 hour long and it not only conveys the charm in DAMIJAW’s songs but also the fun you get out of his performance. You can even call this as “the instruction for DAMIJAW show”.

The special feature includes some great scenes from the 47-prefecture tour. Also some special features have interesting titles such as “ka-yu’s grumbling best selection” or “The holy words from the thunder god”, showing how DAMIJAW wants to entertain the fans.

DAMIJAW will perform at a Christmas event in Nagoya called “DAMIJAW no Kyuketsu Akuma no Christmas (Raku)” and a New Year’s event in Osaka “DAMIJAW no Kyuketsu Akuma no Shinnenkai (Ju)”, as well as the annual countdown show “Yukutoshi Kurutoshi Fude Oroshi4”.

The tickets will be out on November 30th.

DAMIJAW 47-prefecture tour “Be with You!!!!!2″5.17 O-EAST

DVD/Blu-ray September 25th 2013.
DVD: 4,700yen (tax in) AVBD-32221-2
Blu-ray 5,700yen (tax in) AVXD-32223

DAMIJAW Winter Shows
December 25th 2013
Aichi: NagoyaElectric Lady land
open 18:00 / start 18:30
“DAMIJAW no Kyuketsu Akuma no Christmas (Raku)”

December 31st 2013
Tokyo: Shibjuku BLAZE
open 22:00 / start 23:00
DAMIJAW COUNTDOWN 2013-2014“Yukutoshi Kurutoshi Fude Oroshi4”

January 5th 2014
open 17:00 / start 17:30
“DAMIJAW no Kyuketsu Akuma no Shinnenkai (Ju)”

Tickets will be out on September 20th
6,300 yen (tax in)

One Drink Minimum at the door(500 yen)
No children under 6 will be admitted.
The new year event “Yukutoshi Kurutoshi Fude Oroshi4” will go on past midnight. So if you are under 18, you must come with your guardians or with a written consent from them.

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