flumpool Makes a Surprise Appearance During Mayday’s Live in Taiwan! 60000 fans Go Wild

Friday, October 4, 2013


On September 14-15, unbeknownst to the audience, flumpool made a surprise appearance on stage in the middle of Mayday’s performance during their world concert tour, .

On stage, the two groups passionately performed various songs in Chinese including flumpool’s cover of Mayday’s hit song, “OAOA”, as well as a Chinese-lyric version of flumpool’s “Akashi” (Chinese lyrics written by Mayday’s vocalist, Ashin).

For flumpool’s introduction, Ashin announced, “Today, we have some special guests who are like brothers to us, here in Taiwan …please give a big round of applause for flumpool from Japan!” After getting up on stage, flumpool’s vocalist Ryuta Yamamura took the mic, greeting the audience in Chinese, “Are you all having fun? We’re also really happy to be here”, and the two emcees continued to excite the audience with talk of Ashin’s stay in Japan.

This was the first time that flumpool performed together with Mayday in Taiwan, and that fact combined with the surprise set-up of flumpool’s appearance made the two days of this live performance into a success, leaving the audience in great contentment.

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