NAGAREDA Project: First overseas concert in Germany anime fest, record attendance

Monday, October 7, 2013

Nagareda Project

NAGAREDA Project released their first original album, titled “fake,” on September 18. The band played their first overseas shows at Germany’s Anime•Manga Fest called “Connichi” from August 13 to 15.

“Connichi” is a festival for Japanese anime and manga fans that was started in 2002. It is the biggest event of it’s kind in Germany. The crowd grows every year, and in 2013, the three-day total attendance surpassed 20,000 people.

NAGAREDA Project was the main act of the event and took the stage on September 14. The seats in the front rows were removed to make room for the standing-room-only crowd. The crowd size surpassed previous “Connichi” festivals and proved to be a massive success.

The band started the show with “SUSUMUBEKI MICHI” and followed with four songs off the new album, “fake.” The crowd would erupt in applause every time the band would speak to them in German. NAGAREDA Project played a 90-minute set including covers songs such as “ZANKOKU NA TENSHI NO TEIZE” and “GO!!!”.

Fans formed long lines to get autographs of the band members after the show. The band seemed to really enjoy meeting and interacting with their new overseas fans.

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